Modeling Instruction in Chemistry

Modeling Instruction in Chemistry

Date & Time

07 July 2015, 00:00 - 10 July 2015, 00:00


NIE2-02-06 (Education Computer Lab 3)


Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning (GPL)

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Course Objective

This course is designed for teachers to:

  • experience the use of Modeling Instruction in Chemistry to teach scientific concepts
  • experience the use of whiteboarding and Socratic dialogues to improve scientific discourse in the classroom
  • network with other fellow educators keen on the Modeling approach in order to share ideas and to support each other in implementing it in the classroom

Course Outline

Participants will gain useful ideas on how to facilitate a model-centred, guided-inquiry method of instruction that serves to both enhance students’ learning of concepts and core ideas in Chemistry as well as to develop a better understanding of the practices of science. This is aligned with the 2016 revised H2 Chemistry syllabus which gives emphasis on how we know as well as what we know. Participants will work through examples of different types of student-centred lessons based on the modeling approach for a range of topics. They will experience the use of multiple representations (verbal, diagrammatic, graphical and algebraic) as conceptual tools for modeling physical objects and processes. They will also experience the use of whiteboarding as a tool to improve the quality of classroom discourse.


To Apply

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