OER Talk: Teachers as Learners Amidst the Push and the Pull of Education Reforms

OER Talk: Teachers as Learners Amidst the Push and the Pull of Education Reforms

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15 October 2015, 00:00




Office of Education Research (OER)



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Education reforms and pressures for accountability require teachers to cope with continuous changes alongside intensification of documentation, and the need for transparency may put teachers under constant surveillance. The demands of students, parents, administrators, funding bodies and other stakeholders are also not always harmonious with each other. Inquiry into teachers’ learning reveals dilemmas and tensions in our temporal and physical space of educational practice. Hierarchies, social norms and interpersonal dynamics may limit the extent to which informal and formal interchange is a support.

Administrators and teacher educators need to examine the nature of learning in the push and pull of contemporary pressures. Critical review highlights the value of learning communities in which experiences are shared, leading to critical reflections through dialogues. The presentation will draw on the global discourse in relation to UNESCO advocacy of the four pillars of education.



Dr Ora Kwo has taught in the Faculty of Education at the University of Hong Kong for three decades, and has been awarded a University Teaching Fellowship for excellence in teaching. Her research and publications focus on teachers’ learning and the power of community discourses in collaborative inquiry. Her key publications include Developing Learning Environments: Creativity, Motivation and Collaboration in Higher Education (2004), Uncovering the Inner Power of Teachers’ Lives (2004), and Teachers as Learners: Critical Discourse on Challenges and Opportunities (2010). During 2007-2009, she took sabbatical leave in Paris, where she participated in UNESCO global conferences and undertook consultancy assignments.

Her current interests are centred on teacher development and leadership amidst competing discourses from policy and practice, and between forces in mainstream schooling and private tuition. 

Chair: Associate Prof. Christine Lee Kim Eng

Curriculum, Teaching & Learning (CTL)

This seminar is organised by the International and Comparative Studies (ICS) Task Force at the Office of Education Research (OER).

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