OER Talk: The Nexus between Mainstream Schooling and Private Tuition

OER Talk: The Nexus between Mainstream Schooling and Private Tuition

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15 October 2015, 00:00




Office of Education Research (OER)



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With common aspirations for 21st century development, global education reformers have high expectations of schools. At the same time, supplementary private tuition has become a major phenomenon not only in Singapore and elsewhere in the region but also around the world. Researchers may ask why private tuition has expanded and what implications it has for schooling.

This seminar will focus on how private tuition provided in parallel to mainstream schooling affects learning as perceived by students, including the ways private tuition lessons repeat and/or complement their activities at school. The seminar will highlight the views of secondary students in Hong Kong expressed in surveys and interviews. The analysis shows how well-intended reform initiatives can be subverted by the divergent goals of students, teachers and tutors, under the dominance of the transmission teaching mode. The seminar will place these findings in an international context, and will invite comparative perspectives from Singapore.



Dr. Ora Kwo is an Associate Professor and member of the Comparative Education Research Centre at the University of Hong Kong. Prof. Mark Bray is UNESCO Chair Professor in Comparative Education at the same university. Separately and together they have investigated elements of policy and practice in education systems in a wide range of countries. Their joint publications on private tutoring include Regulating Private Tutoring for Public Good: Policy Options for Supplementary Education in Asia (2014) and Researching Private Tutoring: Methodological Lessons from Diverse Cultures (2015).


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Chair:  Associate Prof. Jason Tan

Policy and Leadership Studies (PLS)

This seminar is organised by the International and Comparative Studies (ICS) Task Force at the Office of Education Research (OER).