OER Workshop: Enhancing teacher professional learning through use of video based evidence

OER Workshop: Enhancing teacher professional learning through use of video based evidence

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28 August 2015, 00:00




Office of Education Research (OER)



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Experience and research tell us that traditional approaches to professional development are ineffective as a means to achieve substantial and sustainable change in teachers’ pedagogical practices.  The strategies shared in this workshop involve an use of video evidence as a focus for both individual reflection and professional conversation.  Both are proving highly effective in promoting professional growth.

Development of the approach was triggered during research-focused use of video data to characterise pedagogical practices at Raffles Girls School in 2009.  Subsequently that work was used as the basis to characterise pedagogical practices associated with both the use of Tablet PCs in one-to-one computer classrooms in 2011, and one-to-one instrumental music teaching in a conservatorium of music in 2012.  Video-based sharing of practices with peers was used as a basis for an authentic and site-specific professional growth in 2013-14. 

The work discussed in this workshop involves a further extension of the use of video-recording of classroom practices to support teacher learning.  In this instance it is used to support mentoring of both beginning and experienced teachers.  This work, which commenced in February 2015, is being undertaken in a high performing Australian independent school, and entails 18 teachers working with one mentor.  The presentation will include explanations of how video evidence is used, and reporting from participants on its value to their professional learning.  It is clear that, in this site, the use of video-based reflection is seen as a key strategy to support personally significant growth, growth that results in substantial and sustainable improvements in their pedagogical practices.   


Dr Peter G Taylor (BEd, MCurrStud, PhD)

Adjunct Professor, Griffith University

Peter is a passionate educator with over 40 years of extensive and varied experience in designing, implementing and researching education in Australia and Singapore.  He is an active consultant to numerous high performing Australian schools.  This work draws on research to characterise classroom pedagogical practices, and the application of those findings in support of school-based professional development for teachers.  The research was initiated while he was employed as a researcher in Singapore’s National Institute of Education from 2008-2010.