Qualitative Research Roundtable on Collecting and Analysing Interview Data

Qualitative Research Roundtable on Collecting and Analysing Interview Data

Date & Time

13 October 2010, 00:00




Office of Education Research (OER)



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Time: 9.30am - 11.30am

Using data snippets collected within the Singapore educational research context and elsewhere, the discussants explore a range of theoretical and practical considerations concerning the collection and use of interview data. Questions arising include the need (or not) to theorise interviews, the treatment of interviews as fact-finding and/or knowledge generation and the representation of interview talk in research. Following short initial presentations as discussion starters, the floor will be opened for questions, responses and sharing. The roundtable aims to conclude with a greater understanding of interviewing and associated issues of validity with this method.

The roundtable is open to all researchers, research students and teachers/lecturers at NIE. Please bring your data and experiences in the field of qualitative research for sharing, discussion and co-learning.

Dr Phillip A Towndrow is a Research Scientist in the Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice, NIE. He is particularly interested in designing and conducting innovation-based research projects involving collaborative and critically-reflective working partnerships with practicing teachers.

Asst Prof Kate Anderson is a member of the Learning Sciences Lab and Learning Sciences and Technologies Academic Group, NIE. She used interview data to explore three different discursive perspectives on talk in her dissertation and continues to explore various ways to create and use interviews in qualitative education research in classrooms and out-of-school.

Asst Prof Lee Yew Jin from the Natural Sciences and Science Education Academic Group, NIE has often employed qualitative methods such as interviews, documentary analyses and discursive research in his work. He has been involved in examining new curricula and programmes for improving inquiry science and student learning as well as workplace learning.

Please register your attendance with the Office of Education Research at email: profdev@nie.edu.sg by 6 October 2010.

This event is for NIE Staff only.