SEAGA Education Forum 2011

SEAGA Education Forum 2011

Date & Time

16 July 2011, 00:00


Raffles Girls School


Humanities & Social Studies Education (HSSE)

Events Details

To help educators develop a better understanding of SPACE and acquire thenecessary pedagogical skills to teach this important concept, the SoutheastAsian Geography Association (SEAGA) is organizing this forum on fieldworkinquiry. The objective of this forum is to provide the physical, historical, social,and economic background of fieldwork sites for inquiry.This half-day forum will invite scholars and practitioners to share theirexperiences on the contextual understanding of place in fieldwork. In addition,the forum will also provide several sites for participants to engage in field inquiryand discuss how inquiry can be undertaken more meaningfully through a betterunderstanding of the context of places.To this end, three field visits have been planned to contextualise the learningexperience. We also have a closing plenary session on fieldwork and experientiallearning and a discussion forum to allow us to reflect on the importance ofcontextualising field inquiry. I wish you a fruitful day ahead and please share yourexperiences generously at the forum.