Socrates and Confucius (IHS6023)

Socrates and Confucius (IHS6023)

Date & Time

17 August 2015, 00:00 - 02 November 2015, 00:00


Academy of Singapore Teachers


Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning (GPL)


Professional Development

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This course will introduce students to the moral and political thought of Socrates and Confucius, two of the greatest thinkers and educators of the ancient world. Both Socrates and Confucius emphasized self-cultivation as the basis for the development of the moral and political life of individuals, and this is captured in their respective accounts of the gentleman. In the course of examining these accounts of gentlemanliness, we shall inquire about their contemporary relevance. So, for example, we shall ask how the Socratic and Confucian treatment of the gentleman’s desire for wealth and honor may be of use to our understanding of contemporary forms of ambition and the education of the elites in society. For the purposes of this course we will be reading The Great Learning and the Analects for the section on Confucius, and for the section on Socrates we will be concentrating on Plato’s Republic as well as selections from Xenophon’s Memorabilia.

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