Steve Zuiker presents "Bringing Assessment to Life"

Steve Zuiker presents "Bringing Assessment to Life"

Date & Time

10 August 2010, 00:00



Learning Sciences Lab (LSL)
Office of Education Research (OER)



Events Details

The Singapore Ministry of Education's Education Programmes Division has invited Asst. Prof. Steve Zuiker to present "Bringing Assessment to Life: A Multi-Level Assessment Framework for and about Learning"

About the Presentation:

Dr. Steve Zuiker will report on an assessment framework that operates across multiple “levels” of education systems. The key feature of the framework and the intellectual merit underlying inquiry into this framework is a methodic effort to enable each level of assessment to not only “talk” to the others but to “learn” from them as well. In this way, the framework fosters a living system of assessments. The
benefit of this living system is the potential to enhance the meaningfulness of empirical information for students, parents, and teachers focused on classroom learning while, at the same time, preserving the validity of the interpretations drawn from these data for administrators, MOE staff, and policy makers looking across classrooms, schools, clusters, and zones. Steve’s presentation
will pay particular attention to the feedback loops of a living assessment system because, while these loops operate at different timescales, they work in concert to simultaneously document and enhance learning. Steve will enlist examples from a game-based science education curriculum in order to demonstrate efforts to “incubate” such a living system of assessment and to provoke discussion
about the implications of this strategy for the education programmes division.

About the research:

Dr. Zuiker is sharing research conducted with Dr. Dan Hickey between 2001 and 2007. These efforts enabled him to develop a broad theoretical scope on assessment and, in turn, the repertoire of methodological tools necessary to analyze data with this broad scope in mind. Drs. Zuiker and Hickey’s investigations with five technology-enhanced learning environments for science education have evolved an innovative strategy for coordinating existing educational assessment. The goal of this coordination is to understand learning and support learners by relating meaningful classroom experiences to what many students view as the seemingly disconnected contexts of educational assessment.