MOE Sponsored Graduate Teachers

  • The Professional Development Continuum Model (PDCM) scheme is only applicable up to the January 2020 intake. The scheme will no longer be available after the January 2020 intake.

  • Started in 2005, the Professional Development Continuum Model (PDCM) scheme provides graduate teachers of Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) with alternative pathways to higher certification. This scheme, developed in collaboration with MOE, aims at motivating teachers to keep relevant in content proficiency and pedagogy. Most of NIE’s Master’s degree programmes are available under this scheme. Since August 2012, the “enhanced” scheme is called the Enhanced Professional Development Continuum Model (Enhanced PDCM) replacing the former PDCM 433.

  • The structure for these programmes under the Enhanced PDCM-Masters scheme is as follows:

    1. Two intakes per year - January and August

      • Most programmes/specialisations are offered either in the January OR August intake. A few of them are offered in both intakes. Please note that NIE does a larger offering of programmes in the January intake.
    2. Candidature for part-time master’s programme

      • Minimum period of 2 years and maximum period of 4 years
      • Requirement of seven 4AUs and one 2AUs courses to graduate for a complete coursework route. [Note: One academic unit (AU) is equivalent to 13 hours of study]
      • Students under this scheme are generally expected to complete their study programme between 2½ and 3½ years.
    3. A number of programmes typically comprise a mix of “semester” and “inter-semester” courses. Students will have some flexibility in the choice of

      • some specialisation and elective courses
      • taking one or two courses per semester

      [Note: Note: MA (Applied Linguistics) and MSc (Life Sciences) offer “semester” courses only.]

    4. “Semester” courses will be conducted during January or August semester

      • These are 13-weeks long courses
      • Each course will comprise a mix of face-to-face (f2f) and non-f2f learning
      • “Face-to-face” classes are scheduled in the evening from 6pm to 9 pm.
      • Venue for classes will be at the Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) or NIE.
      • Students must note their availability when selecting a course that runs on a particular day of the week.
    5. “Inter-semester” courses will be conducted during the June vacation only

      • These are 5½-day intensive courses held over the 2nd and 3rd weeks of the June vacation.
      • Each course will comprise a mix of face-to-face (f2f) and non-f2f learning
      • “Face-to-face” classes are usually scheduled from 9 am to 5 pm
      • Venue for classes will be at NIE campus
      • Students must note the availability of “inter-semester” courses as course offerings depend on each programme/MED specializations schedule of running its core and specialisation courses
      • [An “inter-semester” course will count towards the total number of courses offered for the August semester]

    As adult learners, teacher participants under this Enhanced PDCM-Masters scheme are expected to take ownership of their own learning growth and professional development. They must be independent and self-directed in pursuing their study goals. The table below shows 2 possible time-frames for completion of study programme.

    Time-frame for completion of study programme Number of course to take each year
    2½ to 3 years

    1st year - 3 courses
    2nd year - 3 courses
    3rd year - 2 courses

    3½ to 4 years

    1st year - 2 courses
    2nd year - 2 courses
    3rd year - 2 courses
    4th year - 2 courses

    Unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances such as medical reasons, National Service, school workload, participation in overseas school trips or conferences may affect teachers’ time-frame for completing their study programme. As such, you may take a longer duration to complete taking all courses required for graduation. It is critical that you note when the affected course(s) will be next offered. You are also to note that admission into a course depends on vacancies at the time of course registration.

    You may apply for course exemption/credit transfer up to a total of 12 AUs of courses. You are exempted from taking courses in which you have been given accreditation (please see below for details on course exemption/credit transfer).

  • Students will make a one-time payment at the point of matriculation. MOE will subsidise for the minimum number of courses required for graduation. MOE will not pay towards courses that students withdraw from, received an “ABS” grade or failed. If granted course exemption/credit transfer, MOE will only subsidise the remaining number of courses required for graduation.

    Upon completion of the Master’s programme, you will have to serve a one-year bond with MOE, starting from the date of conferment. You will have to sign the Letter of Undertaking and Guarantee with MOE before the commencement of the Master’s programme.

    You will have to pay for taking courses under the following circumstances:

    1. Withdrawal from a course

      If you withdraw from a course within the first two weeks of the semester (and for inter-semester course, by the second lesson), the course will be removed from your record without additional cost. However, if you withdraw from a course after the first 2 weeks of the semester (or after the second lesson for inter-semester course) and up to a week before the examination period (up to the last lesson for inter-semester course), you will have to pay for:

      • the prevailing course fee (plus GST); and
      • an administrative fee of S$53.50 for the late withdrawal. Also, a grade ‘W’ for withdrawal will be reflected against the affected course in your transcript.
    2. Failure in a course/ Receiving an ABS grade

      You will have to pay for a course that you fail or are graded ABS for. You will be billed the prevailing course fees plus GST at the point when you fail the course or when you receive an ABS grade for. MOE will only pay for courses in which a participant passes.

    3. Taking an extra course not subsidised by MOE

      You may take additional course(s) for the following reasons:

      When you fail to fulfill the graduation requirements, that is, attaining a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.50 and thus need to take additional courses to improve on the CGPA score.

      [Note: The onus is on you as students to inform the Office of Academic Administration and Services (OAAS) of the additional course(s) that you need to take and to pay for the extra courses at the prevailing fee plus GST. The application form for taking of additional courses is available from the NIE Portal.]

    4. Extension of dissertation for students doing the Coursework with Dissertation Route

      No extra fees will be borne if you are on the dissertation route as long as your dissertation is confirmed by your supervisor(s) to be ready for examination and is submitted to NIE’s OAAS within the allowable time span for the programme. The time span allowed is up to 4 years. If you need more time beyond this duration, you will have to pay the prevailing fees.

    5. Other circumstances

      • If you withdraw from the Master’s programme while still in service, you will pay liquidated damages to MOE with the amount equivalent to the fees paid by MOE for the completed courses.
      • In the event that you resign (i.e. no longer an employee of MOE), you must pay liquidated damages to MOE. Similarly, if you fail to serve the one-year bond after the completion of the Master’s programme, you must pay liquidated damages to MOE.
      • If you resign from MOE, you can still continue with the Master’s programme but will have to pay the prevailing regular semester fees from that point onwards (i.e. to pay the same fees as a Direct Entry student). Please refer to the webpage on fees for more information. You will also have to inform NIE on of the change in your employment status.
      • If you decide to continue the rest of the programme full-time or on your own, you must submit the “Withdrawal from PDCM Sponsorship” form (can be found on the AST Intranet) to the Academy of Singapore Teachers. Once your withdrawal is approved, AST will inform NIE of the change of your sponsorship status.
  • If you have taken NIE’s Master courses (via TRAISI) prior to your admission to the Master programme, you may apply for course exemption/credit transfer of up to a maximum of 12 AUs of courses, after you have been offered admission. This is on condition that the courses to be accredited are relevant to the Master’s degree that you intend to pursue and are of grade C+ or higher. The validity period for course exemption/credit transfer of a course is 5 years from the date of award of the course as reflected in the official result slip/transcript. The course must not have been used for course exemption/credit transfer into another programme.

    • For sponsorship matters:
      Email: Ms Faizah / Ms Ng Yun Jia
    • For information on other PD packages for MOE Education Officers:
      HR Online (requires access to MOE intranet)