Students' Testimonials

  • “What is truly enriching about this programme is that it adds to our knowledge of language. But what is even more edifying is that it teaches us how to apply that knowledge to our own teaching.”  

    Rozi Bahari, Singapore

    “ELL’s MA programme aroused great interest in me in studying language use and researching ESL/EFL learning and teaching. “  

    Chen Bo, China

    “The MA in Applied Linguistics programme helped me to understand sociolinguistic issues of the community I was living in, and to interact positively in an ethnically and linguistically diverse classroom, guided by intelligent, approachable and caring course tutors.”  

    Sean Lacey, Canada

    “The MA in Applied Linguistics programme in NIE is particularly appropriate for English Language teachers and researchers. I have benefited greatly from the wide range of courses offered here and the insights I have received from the professors. The programme has helped me learn the principles of language research, teaching, and assessment.”

    Farnaz Rajabi Mehr, Iran

    “I have learnt to be a teacher-researcher and to read research critically. I now have a deeper and broader understanding of the learning process of second language learners in general.”  

    Jason Loh, Singapore

    “The MA programme kept me critically looking back on my English teaching in Korea and opened my eyes to the power of language and the significance of language teaching in our society.”  

    Lee Jiyo, Korea

  • “MAAP is an intensive programme that has provided me with good training and very useful knowledge in preparing me for a career as a psychologist. I enjoyed this learning journey tremendously especially with the support and encouragement from the passionate and experienced lecturers who gave their best and shared ever so willingly their knowledge.”  

    Boh Boon Tiong, 
    Recipient of The Applied Psychology Award, 2010

    “My time at NIE was highly enriching and stimulating. It provided me with the resources to develop myself further in the field through a good mix of research, theory and practical training. My teachers were nurturing and helpful in developing the competencies I needed to be a professional psychologist. I'm thankful for the opportunity to study at NIE.”

    Lim Zran Ai Lois 
    Recipient of The Applied Psychology Award, 2011

  • The Master of Arts (Educational Management) is the third Master’s programme I have taken. It is also the one that I've learnt most from. The modules are interesting and thought-provoking. One that I particularly enjoy was Ethics and Leadership.

    Quek Chin Joo
    Recipient of Educational Management Gold Medal, 2009

    "The rich exchange of ideas with fellow practitioners in the education field which included the lecturers in this programme, equipped me with an enriching experience which I would never have had, had I not overcome my initial inertia in signing up for this programme!"

    Rajasekaran s/o Sockalingam 
    Recipient of Educational Management Gold Medal, 2010

    “The journey on the Master of Arts (Educational Management) has been most enlightening and purposeful for me - enlightening because this is a journey of discovery of new knowledge and purposeful because the learning is most relevant to my professional work.  The numerous dialogues and conversations with the lecturers have been most engaging.  More importantly, the networking among coursemates is a great source of support and motivation.  I wish all those coming on board a great learning journey ahead!”

    Tan Nguan Peng
    Recipient of Educational Management Gold Medal, 2011

  • “I have learnt to think more deeply and critically about social studies education through up-to-date pedagogy courses that cut across various disciplines in the Humanities. I have become a more self-reflective practitioner in my own teaching and learning.”  

    Tan Lim Bee Kee
    Senior Teacher, Dunman High School

    “This has been a fantastic experience for me. I have benefited both professionally and personally. Not only have I learnt skills and acquired knowledge that I can apply in my teaching, I have also established strong networks with my peers both within and outside of the teaching profession.”  

    Bernissa Chia 
    MOE Postgraduate Scholar

    “The programme has provided me with a myriad of new experiences. It was challenging as well as rewarding. The multi-disciplinary approach of the courses has enabled me to examine contemporary social issues and challenges critically and from multiple perspectives. This is my greatest takeaway.”  

    Tan Wan Ting
    Former Teacher, Class of 2012

  • The wide-ranging topics it offered attracted a diverse mix of education and training professionals, both from the commercial as well as the government sectors. I enjoyed the programme immensely and I attributed it to the forthcoming support and guidance from my lecturers, as well as the many thought provoking exchanges that came from  my peers. With the knowledge gained from MAIDT, I was able to confidently and successfully strengthen the training fundamentals of my academy.”

    Jeffrey Sim 
    Director, Certis CISCO Academy

    “The array of elective modules focusing on areas of learning theories, principles as well as prevalent emerging learning technology helps to improve my knowledge in sound instructional pedagogies and build my skill in using new innovative learning technology.”

    Chow Siew Hoon 
    Learning & Development Specialist, SIM University

    “The MAIDT programme is a highly relevant learning platform for any serious ID and IT professionals. As an IT practitioner myself,  I have  benefited  from  the  classroom  interactions with students from  diverse  professional  backgrounds and the rigorous online discussions via different eLearning tools. This blended learning approach has provided a wholesome experience that is intellectually engaging and technically enriching.”  

    Col Foo Khee Loon
    Chief Signal Officer, Army Chief Information Officer  

    “The course content and highly supportive faculty helped me attain my professional goals. I most definitely recommend this programme as it is comprehensive and the concepts learned are vital for any individual who wants to be a competent Instructional  Designer/Educational  Technologist.”  

    Shamini Thilarajah
    Learning Designer, Civil Service College  

  • “The MEd (C&T) programme left me with a deeper and greater understanding of educational and curricula issues. I loved the lectures, where different and multiple perspectives on core educational issues were always presented and debated. “  

    Krishnan (Ari) Aravinthan, 
    Principal, Bedok South Secondary School, Class of 2007  

    “The MEd (C&T) programme is a MUST if you have been thinking about what drives education systems and educators. You’ll embark on a journey of deep thinking on the daily issues present in our classrooms and schools.“

    Foo Sheue Feng 
    Staff School Developer, Catholic High School, Class of 2008  

    “If you are interested in curriculum issues and are looking for an opportunity to stretch yourself intellectually, the MEd (C&T) programme will open up your mind and challenge you to think critically about aspects of curriculum and implications on our practice in school and as professionals. “

    Leong Kai Ling,
    Curriculum Planning Officer, Curriculum Planning and Development Division,  Ministry of Education, Class of 2009

    The MEd (C&T) programme experience allowed me the valuable chance of not only learning from peer teachers and educators from various institutions, but more importantly allowed me to have the opportunity to deliberate on various issues and policies that were problematized together with fellow professionals in the field. “  

    Ho Yi Xian
    Recipient of ASCD Book Prize, 2009  

    “I give credit to our great team of lecturers and curriculum designers from CTL who spare no effort to engage and challenge us in every possible way they could. They walk their talk - creative and caring teachers who are humble critical thinkers. Thank you for this fabulous journey of learning.”  

    Han Liang Swee
    Recipient of ASCD Book Prize for Best Critical Inquiry Project, 2010 and ASCD Gold Medal, 2010  

    “The programme has equipped me with a strong foundation as well as a deeper understanding in areas ranging from curriculum theories, to contemporary issues and practical challenges in education. Just as valuable were the interactions with my lecturers and classmates – their views and teaching experiences have certainly broadened my perspectives and thinking, and enriched my learning.”

    Tan Hwee Chiat June
    Recipient of ASCD Book Prize for Best Dissertation, 2010

    “The focus of my learning was not in the accumulation of teaching tactics; rather it was in the way I was called to question the meaning of teaching and learning, and how these meanings oriented and constrained how I thought how I knew and how I related. It was an invitation to inquire, to commune and to journey together.”  

    Tan Yi Seng 
    Recipient of ASCD Gold Medal, 2011  

    “The MEd (C&T) programme is very relevant for those who wish to advance their thinking in curriculum and teaching. The wide exposure to educational issues and challenges at both local and international levels deepened my understanding of teaching and learning. The multiple discourses were critical platforms that allowed me to reflect and re-examine my own classroom practices and their impact on learners to become a better educator.”

    Lim Siok Hiang Susan
    Recipient of ASCD Book Prize for Best Dissertation, 2011

    “My keen interest in curriculum theories and educational research was sparked by the MEd (C&T) programme. As an educator, the useful and highly relevant course helped to deepen my understanding of the curriculum making process from design and implementation to evaluation. The learning journey for my Critical Inquiry was truly enriching and it has greatly enhanced my competence in conducting educational research. Equipped with the new knowledge, my understanding on educational issues would never be the same again.”

    Chiang Lee Ngang
    Recipient of ASCD Book Prize for Best Critical Inquiry Project, 2011

  • “The MEd (Developmental Psychology) programme has helped me re-focus on the learner, to make every learner an engaged one. The children’s development (and the teachers!) plays a fluid role in making each teaching and learning experience in class unique and precious. My deep understanding of cognitive, affect and conative development has enriched my role to be a caring teacher.”

    Genesius Chan
    Saint Joseph’s Institution,
    Graduating Class of 2014

    “The MEd (Developmental Psychology) programme has made me an independent learner. The various courses in the programme required me to conduct a lot of research and readings on the latest findings on human development. The experience has been most enriching and fun. It enabled me to embrace challenges and to solve problems from different perspectives. This has in turn made me a more confident and enthusiastic learner. I particularly enjoyed the understanding of motivating personalities and attitude assessment as it helped me to understand my students better, thus enabling me to become a happy and more effective teacher.” 

    Faris Hussain
    Teacher, Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)
    Graduating Class of 2013  

    “The MEd (Developmental Psychology) is a practical and relevant programme for all teachers. This programme has enabled me to think more deeply about the factors that influence students’ learning and come up with appropriate intervention programmes to help them learn better. In addition, I have gained much knowledge and skills on the social-emotional aspect of children in order to understand and counsel them more effectively., I also am able to use the most recent research in the development psychology field to try out new teaching practices with my students and to motivate them to enhance their volitional development in order to achieve their fullest potential.”

    See Shen Leng
    Teacher, Concord Primary School,
    Graduating Class of 2014

  • “I took up the MEd (EPME) programme when it was introduced as a route for professional development.  This programme offered academic rigor and practicality for my work.  It definitely delivered beyond my expectations.” 

    Soo Li Mei Johannah
    Recipient of Educational Research Association of Singapore (ERAS) Gold Medal, 2010

    “The MEd (EPME) specialization has given me new perspectives on educational measurement and evaluation that is very useful to me as an educator. There is never a dull moment these three years as we embarked on our learning through discussions, research project presentations, conversations with renowned researchers and attending conferences. I would like to thank Dr Chew Lee Chin, Dr Quek Khiok Seng and Dr Tay-Koay Siew Luan for the enriching experience as well as the exciting world of “measurement” that has been opened up to me.”

    Goh Ying Hsuan 
    Recipient of Singapore Teachers' Union (STU) Gold Medal, 2011

  • “Enrolling in the MEd (Literature) programme has truly brought my learning to new heights. I have benefitted greatly from the engaging and meaningful courses offered, which have inspired a much deeper understanding of Literature and the vital role it plays in the development of critical thinkers.”  

    Ho Stephanie Louise 
    Recipient of ERAS Gold Medal, 2011  

  • "If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn." Ignacio Estrada.

    The greatest takeaway at the end of this learning journey is perhaps to be given the chance to appreciate the trials and joys of learning from the perspective of a learner, to be humbly reminded again of what matters most to our students. I am thankful that I have gained deeper insights and understanding of not just their cognitive needs but also their affective needs from this course so that I can be a more effective teacher.”

    Tan Lay Lay Tracy
    Recipient of STU Gold Medal, 2010

  • “The programme, through its regimented methodologies, focused curriculum and engaging instructors, has better equipped me with the competency to improve the quality of curriculum, instruction and student learning through appropriate integration of technology in my classroom …”

    Tee Ngah Loui
    Recipient of Instructional Design & Technology Gold Medal, 2010

    “I feel the MEd (LST) programme has helped me to appreciate that teaching and learning is an iterative process and that we are always learning. The programme has challenged me to think deeply about the affordances of ICT tools and to develop the conviction to plan for learning and to measure it genuinely. It has helped me be acquainted with a variety of ICT tools which I can share with my colleagues. Most importantly, the lecturers and my coursemates have helped me plug into the global culture and network of like-minded educators who are enthusiastic about using ICT for authentic learning.”

    Lawrence Tang Kok Onn
    Recipient of Instructional Design & Technology Gold Medal, 2011

  • “The MEd (Science) programme has enriched me greatly. I am now more confident in presenting research papers and participating in focus group and panel discussions; both locally and overseas. It has prepared me to discuss academic trends and issues professionally. I am able to mentor teachers with evidence-based examples and provide them with research strategies and approaches that can be used in the classrooms. “

    Yau Li Heong,
    Master Teacher, Academy of Singapore Teachers, Class of 2007    

    “The MEd (Science) programme has helped me grow in the teaching profession as it deepened my understanding of science theories, pedagogies and curriculum frameworks. It is also exciting to be able to learn from the great breadth of research. The knowledge is relevant to the needs in school and teachers can apply them to authentic classroom settings. The programme has certainly enabled me to better appreciate Science. “

    Candice Chong,
    Level Head, Junyuan Primary School, Class of 2008  

    “Enrolling in the MEd (Science) programme opens up your mind, helps you appreciate the urgent need to revise your teaching approach to match the needs of the society. I especially enjoy using the theoretical frameworks learnt to help me analyse the everyday issues faced in the classroom. I begin to see things better from the students' perspectives and am better able to customise my teaching to their needs. This programme also makes me a more reflective practitioner, giving me space to recharge and feel refreshed and rejuvenated as a teacher. “

    Chow Lee Lee,
    Physics Teacher, Bowen Secondary School, Class of 2011

    Taking the MEd (Science) programme had been one of the most pivotal experiences in my life.  It was demanding and challenging when I had to balance my daily school work with our studies.  I would also like to express my gratitude to National Institute of Education for awarding me the ERAS Gold Medal.  It is the best encouragement for the effort and hard work that I had put in. “  

    Tan Sze Ghee
    Recipient of ERAS Gold Medal, 2009  

    “ Attending the MEd (Science) programme has broadened my professional knowledge in the teaching and learning of Science and deepened my skills in conducting research.  I found myself much more alert in detecting the learning difficulties faced by my students and more mindful in employing appropriate teaching pedagogies to address their learning needs.   It is indeed an honour for me to be selected for the STU Gold Medal (2009) for Master of Education (Coursework) programme.  I am thankful to NIE and STU for sponsoring the Gold Medal Awards to recognise teachers’ effort in upgrading our professional knowledge.  “

    Neo Chai Seng
    Recipient of STU Gold Medal, 2009

  • “I am grateful to my supervisors Professor John Wang Chee Keng for his superb supervision and mentorship throughout my PhD candidature. After the initial phase of effective supervision, I was encouraged and given space to conduct original, independent research. The specialized elective courses taken during the coursework deepened my understanding of theories and practices in a number of chosen fields relevant to my research. Furthermore, the regular discussion sessions held by the research interest group at PESS AG were most helpful in enabling me to complete my PhD research.”  

    Dr Eugene Chew Wai Cheong
    Assistant Professor at the Physical Education & Sports Science
    Academic Group (PESS AG), NIE
    PhD student at NIE from 2008 to 2011  

    “I feel myself bless to conduct my PhD research at NIE. I am most impressed with NIE’s research culture that encourages higher degree students to publish their research and to present their research in international conferences, seminars, and workshops. I discovered several new marine natural products and published seven papers in peer-reviewed high impact factor international journals, one book chapter, and five conference papers during my PhD candidature. My sound training under the exemplary supervision of Assistant Profressor Tan Lik Tong and solid performance at NIE had laid the foundation for me to become a qualified researcher and enabled me to secure a postdoctoral position at the University of Michigan, one of the world’s leading universities.”

    Dr Ashootosh Tripathi
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Michigan, USA

    “I appreciated the opportunity to present my research creatively and with visual impact in the Post Competition of the NIE Graduate Student Day to fellow students and faculty. The faculty judges were wonderfully assuring and insightful with their questions and feedback.”  

    Ms Gissella Lebron
    (Current PhD student at NIE)