Master of Arts in Professional Education (Training and Development)

  • The Master of Arts in Professional Education (MAPE) seeks to deepen academic knowledge and competencies for individuals who work in or wish to move into professional roles within various settings of higher and adult professional education.

    Within workplaces, services, and organizations, employees are expected to engage in ongoing improvement through continuing professional education. Professional learning has become even more important in recent years with the increasing pressure on schools and academic institutions for greater evidence of quality work and outcomes in the continual education of their own educators. Professional educators play critical roles in professional learning of staff working in schools, universities, and public/ private educational institutions (e.g., teachers, faculty members, administrators and professional development staff) play critical roles in teaching, leading, and researching about their practices and carry out multiple missions of the institution.

    This programme aims to provide a rigorous understanding of educational practices and systems from social, philosophical, psychological, cross-national and normative perspectives. It also seeks to foster an understanding of central issues in learning and development, education and training, and educational leadership in the various professional contexts. Its specific objective is to educate professional educators with values and beliefs as well as equipping them with a distinct set of skills to drive mentoring and coaching, innovative training, assessment and design practices.

  • Experienced professionals involved in:

    • School staff development
    • Facilitating Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) in schools
    • Mentoring and coaching
    • Managing training and professional development organizations
    • Managing teams of Adult Educators
    • Leading Adult Education project teams
    • Policy-making for institutions and professional bodies
    • Researching in higher education, and adult and life-long learning
    Teachers who are interested in school-based ICT innovation could check out the Master of Education (Learning Sciences & Technologies Programme) here.
  • The MAPE (Training and Development) is unique and differentiated from other Masters programmes in Singapore and in the region based on the high degree of local content.

    The unique features of the programme include:

    • experiential components focusing on applying learning in authentic workplace contexts.
    • development of specialised skill sets required for professional development such as evaluating and developing workplace mentoring and coaching skill sets, both of which need greater emphasis in the increasingly complex and dynamic organizational environment.
    • development of participants’ capacity to engage in disciplined reflection on their experiences, studies and practices in the local contexts.
    • Incorporation of latest development in theories of learning from the learning sciences perspective as well as providing opportunities for participants to understand theories and practice of technology-enhanced learning.
  • You should have:

    • A good Bachelor's degree, preferably with an honours degree
    • At least 2 years of working experience in one of the following:
      • Teacher Professional Development
      • Educational Leadership
      • Higher Education
      • Continuing Education and Training
      • Other relevant adult education or management
    • Proficiency in English
  • The MAPE (Training and Development) is a coursework Masters programme of 30 Academic Units. You are required to complete four core courses and four electives. Three out of four electives must be selected from the MAPE electives. The other elective can be either from the MAPE elective courses or open elective.

    Core Courses (14 AUs)

    • MTD900 Professional Practice Inquiry Skills
    • MTD901 Professional Practice Inquiry Project
    • MTD902 Foundations of Learning and Instruction
    • MTD903 Instructional Design Models and Practices

    MAPE Elective Courses (4 AUs each, select at least 3 Courses)

    • MTD905 Workplace Coaching and Mentoring
    • MTD907 Training Needs Assessment and Solutions
    • MTD908 Training Methods and Strategies
    • MTD909 E-learning Tools for Training
    • MTD910 Multimedia Design
    • MTD911 Facilitating Adult Learning 
    • MTD912 Programme Evaluation Models and Methods
    • MTD913 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
    • MTD914 Facilitate teaching and learning with technology

    Open Elective Courses (4 AUs)

    Select one course from the list of MAPE Elective Courses given above or from the list of approved NIE Masters programmes as follows:

    • Master of Arts (Educational Management)
    • Master of Arts (Instructional Design and Technology)
    • Master of Education (Curriculum & Teaching)
    • Master of Education (Educational Assessment)
    • Master of Education (Learning Sciences & Technologies)


    pdf-thumbnail Download the course descriptions for the programme here

    Important note for matriculated students:
    Please refer to the ISAAC system for the programme structure relevant to your intake during Course Registration or consult your programme leader if you need clarifications.

  • The programme is offered on both full-time and part-time basis. The candidature periods are as follows:



    1 year


    2 years



    2 years


    4 years

  • Our tuition fees are subject to revision on a yearly basis. More details can be found here.

  • There is generally only one intake for this programme, in August. You are advised to visit the website and look out for NIE’s announcements in November/December to confirm if the programme will be open for application at any particular intake.

    Applicants who are currently working with sponsors, donors or financial institutions to fund their studies, are encouraged to submit their applications early to NIE so as not to miss out on our application period.

    Applications are to be made online.

    More information on required documents for application can be found here.

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    Empowering teaching, training and learning using technologies

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  • “The programme brought together professionals from different industries including healthcare, education, insurance, military and human resource. Class discussions and ideas about learning and training were not confined to our usual familiar work contexts, but often compelled a broader understanding and perspective of professional training in different contexts. With the rich professional knowledge that my course-mates brought to the different courses in the programme, learning was insightful and most enriching.”

    Madam Kwek Meek Lin
    Lead Teacher, Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary)
    Class of 2018

    “The programme has given me a deeper understanding of the various learning theories and how these impact the choice of various instructional strategies. It has thus helped me in conducting training needs analysis, where I have to identify what the training and non-training needs are. I am also now able to reflect and review more critically the effectiveness of current training programmes in terms of methodologies, assessment and design practices.”

    Ms Mary Foo
    Training Manager in the financial industry
    Class of 2018
    - Getting to Know Series
    (click to read more)

    “I have learned to embrace the changes in traditional teaching and learning methodology. The programme also made me rethink how I should facilitate learners to adapt and learn in today’s fast-paced, high-tech and challenging environment. I have learned to employ different instructional/teaching methodologies to better engage my students and junior colleagues in their learning. I have also shared what I have learned with my peers so that they can, in turn, apply it to their teaching.”

    Ms Janice Kee
    Senior Nurse Educator, National University Hospital
    Class of 2018
    - Getting to Know Series
    (click to read more)

    “I used the training methodologies learned in MAPE, and won the gold award for WorldSkills 2018 and the ITE Special Commendation award. My capstone project on creating an e-learning package to teach marketing concepts was implemented in the module I teach at ITE. The experiences in the MAPE have indeed provided practical application to help me improve in my work.”

    Choy Tsoi Kern
    Lecturer, ITE
    MAPE Valedictorian, Class of 2019
    - NIEGPL Facebook Page
    (click to read more)

    “I am currently working in the Private Banking sector. The most striking point about the MAPE programme is the diverse student demographics with students from different industries, including public education and private training sectors. This allowed me to see different perspectives and learn from my peers’ varied experiences. ”

    Edison Wu
    Business Manager, Wealth management sector
    Class of 2019
    - NIEGPL Facebook Page
    (click to read more)

    “I am able to apply what I have learnt in the MAPE programme and have made change within my area of work and sphere of influence. I have designed, contextualised, developed and managed both facilitated and blended learning projects, utilising the new-found knowledge and skills in instructional design. I have also carried out quality assurance in teaching and learning based on sound pedagogical and theoretical knowledge that I have gained in the programme.”

    Jessie Chu
    Learning and Development Consultant
    Class of 2019
    - NIEGPL Facebook Page
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