Master of Arts (Teaching Chinese as an International Language)

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    With the rapid rise of China as a global economic powerhouse, there is a growing worldwide trend of an increasing number of learners seeking to master Chinese as an international language. Along with the rapid growth of such learners is a corresponding sharp increase in demand within the international market for more educators who are properly trained to teach Chinese in English-speaking regions.

    The Master of Arts in Teaching Chinese as an International Language (MA TCIL) programme is NIE’s strategic response to this worldwide trend. Offered by Asian Languages and Cultures Academic Group in NIE,  the programme aims to train and prepare educators who are bilingual in both English and Chinese to teach Chinese in countries where Chinese is not the dominant language. It is primarily targeted at educators who desire to specialise in the theory and practice of teaching Chinese as a foreign/second/international language to learners whose first language is English (CIL learners).

    Key programme features include:

    • An introduction to the understanding and correct use of English as an aid to help the learners master Chinese,
    • A combination of theory and practice, emphasising classroom training to ensure that graduates are competent in teaching Chinese in an English language teaching environment,
    • Use of the currently most prevalent Chinese textbooks in English-speaking countries as a teaching example to strengthen the teaching of relevance,
    • In comparison with international programmes of similar nature, there are 5 courses uniquely designed for this programme:

            - MTCL801 Language Code: Theory and Practice

            - MTCL803 Chinese-English Contrastive Analysis & Its Application

            - MTCL809 Global Chinese and Contemporary China

            - MTCL810 Critical Inquiry in TCIL

            - MTCL811 Professional English for TCIL Instructors

    • Through MTCL803 Chinese-English Contrastive Analysis & Its Application, and MTCL811 Professional English for TCIL Instructors, the students' bilingualism and their ability in contrastive analysis between Chinese and English language is strengthened, this enables students to meet the future demands of work and daily life, 
    • Increased opportunities for students to engage teaching in America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand region after graduation.
  • Applicant must possess:

    • A recognized Bachelor’s degree where the medium of instruction is Chinese or a postgraduate teacher education qualification specialising in the teaching of Chinese approved by the University.
    • Demonstrate proficiency in English, with College English Test (CET) Band 6, Test for English Majors (TEM) Band 4, IELTS 6.0, TOEFL 500, or such other qualifications that are recognised by the University.

    For international applicants, more information on the entry requirements can be found here.

  • There are two options within this programme. The coursework for this specialisation comprises 6 specialisation elective courses plus either:

    • a dissertation OR
    • two additional courses (one specialisation elective course and MTCL910 Critical Inquiry in TCIL)

    MTCL910 Critical Inquiry in TCIL is open only for applicants pursuing the degree totally by coursework.

    You do not have to make the decision when you apply.

    Specialisation Elective Courses

    • MTCL901 Language Code: Theory and Practice
    • MTCL902 Vocabulary and Grammar: Theory and Practice
    • MTCL903 Chinese-English Contrastive Analysis & Its Application
    • MTCL904 Teaching of Listening & Speaking Skills in TCIL
    • MTCL905 Teaching of Reading & Writing Skills in TCIL
    • MTCL906 Application of Information Technology in TCIL
    • MTCL907 Language Testing & Assessment in TCIL
    • MTCL908 Analysis & Development of Instructional Materials for TCIL
    • MTCL909 Global Chinese and Contemporary China
    • MTCL911 Professional English for TCIL Instructors
    • MTCL912 Early Childhood Education in TCIL: Theory and Practice
    • MTCL913 Chinese Language Education for International Schools

    Important note for matriculated students:
    Please refer to the ISAAC system for the programme structure relevant to your intake during Course Registration or consult your programme leader if you need clarifications.

  • The Master of Arts (Teaching Chinese as an International Language) is offered on both part-time and full-time basis. The candidature periods are as follows:



    1 year


    2 years



    2 years


    4 years

  • Our tuition fees are subject to revision on a yearly basis. More details can be found here.

  • There is generally only one intake for this programme, in January. You are advised to visit the website and look out for NIE’s announcements in May/June to confirm if the programme will be open for application at any particular intake.

    Applications are to be made online.

    More information on required documents for application can be found here.

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    • E-mail: nieadmpp@nie.edu.sg
      (for administrative enquiries related to admissions and application)

    • E-mail: higherdegrees@nie.edu.sg
      (for administrative matters related to programme matters such as time-table, study plans)

    • Programme Leader: Dr Luo Qingming, 罗庆铭
      (for specific academic enquiries related to the programme such as curriculum requirements)