Master of Education (Music)

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  • This specialisation provides a theoretical and practical base for developing music curriculum and pedagogy for schools, and music education research. It also provides an understanding of contemporary issues in music education and research, and the foundations of music education. You will develop understanding and skills in the ways technology is used in music and music education. You will select from a list of practical musical skills for teaching in school, including solo and ensemble performance, composing, arranging, singing, choral conducting, band conducting, recorder playing and keyboard skills, to promote your expertise in teaching them during the programme.

    • A good Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university

    • A teaching qualification such as the Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education, Singapore
      at least ONE year of relevant working experience in education.

    For international applicants, more information on the entry requirements can be found here.

  • Effective from August 2017 intake

    The coursework for this specialisation comprises 1 core course, 4 required specialisation courses, 1 open elective course plus either:

    • a dissertation or
    • two additional courses (one open elective course and MED 902 Integrative Project)

    MED 902 Integrative Project is open only for applicants pursuing the degree totally by coursework.

    Core Course

    • MED 900 Educational Inquiry

    Required Specialisation Courses

    • MUE 901 Issues in Music Education
    • MUE 902 Philosophy in Music Education
    • MUE 903 Popular Culture and ICT in Music Education
    • MUE 904 Studies in Musical Behaviours

    Open Elective Courses

    Other than the core and specialisation courses, you may select open elective courses offered across all NIE Master Degree programmes. The offer of electives is reviewed regularly to reflect developments in education and the respective fields. You are advised to take note of the prerequisites (if any) before registering.

    Optional Specialisation Courses are offered subject to demand and availability of faculty expertise. Hence, not all specialisation courses are available for selection to every intake.

    Download the course descriptions for the programme.

    Important note for matriculated students: 
    Please refer to the ISAAC system for the programme structure relevant to your intake during Course Registration or consult your programme leader if you need clarifications.

    Note: Programme structure is subject to changes

  • The degree of Master of Education is generally offered on a part-time basis although full-time studies are also available for some specialisations. The candidature periods are as follows:



    1 year


    2 years



    2 years


    4 years

  • Our tuition fees are subject to revision on a yearly basis. More details can be found here.

  • There is generally only one intake for this programme, in January. You are advised to visit the website and look out for NIE’s announcements in May/June to confirm if the programme will be open for application at any particular intake.

    Applications are to be made online.

    More information on required documents for application can be found here.

    For graduate teachers from the Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore seeking PDCM-Master’s Degree sponsorship, more details can be found here.

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    NIE - the place to be for your learning journey

    Developing your passion into mastery with NIE

    Sharing Session at NIE Postgraduate Fair 2016

    Re-enchantment through Arts Education: Revitalising the classroom

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  • “NIE is a top-notch teacher education and research institute and my past experiences with many of the faculty members gave me the confidence that my learning journey would be a fruitful one when I considered doing my Master of Education (Music) programme. I feel that it is not only the knowledge the professors possess, but rather, their willingness to share the knowledge; their ability to challenge and develop a critical mind; and most importantly, the passion they bring with them in the subject areas.

    The programme has not only developed me to be a more confident teacher and person, it also developed me in both my speech and thoughts too. I have learned to be more articulate and critical. The experience has provided me the chance to be seconded from MOE to NIE as a teaching fellow in music.

    Tok Kiat Siong (Zhuo Jixiang)  
    MEd (Music) graduate of Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) Academic Group
    Recipient of STU Gold Medal, 2014
    - Getting to Know Series, 2017