Modular Graduate Courses

  • While formal recognition of postgraduate education in the form of a Master’s or PhD degree may appeal to some, the majority of working adults may prefer learning through standalone courses.

    At NIE, we offer a vast and diverse collection of Master’s level courses to provide opportunities as well as encouragement for individuals to strive towards knowledge acquisition, skills mastery and lifelong learning.

  • Every semester, NIE offers more than 150 Master’s level courses. These courses can be taken as standalone courses, subject to vacancies and meeting pre-requisites.

    Credits earned can also be stacked towards an NTU MiniMasters and/or transferred to a relevant Master’s programme upon successful admission, subject to prevailing University’s guidelines and approval.

  • In line with SkillsFuture Singapore’s (SSG) initiative, NIE has curated a variety of higher degree courses to provide opportunities to develop skills though lifelong learning.

    Click here for the complete list of SSG-funded courses offered by NIE!

  • Individuals who complete modular graduate courses may transfer the credits earned towards a Master’s programme upon successful admission. This is subject to the following guidelines:

    • The course must be relevant to the Master’s programme the student is admitted to.
    • Up to a maximum of 12 AUs may be transferred.
    • The grade obtained for the course must be at least a C+.
    • The validity period for exemption/ credit transfer of a course is 5 years from the date of award of the course as reflected in the official result slip/transcript.
    • The course must not have been used for exemption/ credit transfer into another programme.

    Where applicable, participants may also stack courses to earn an NTU MiniMastersTM! Under the NTU MiniMastersTM, participants upon successful admission into a corresponding Master's programme may apply to transfer up to 16 AUs, subject to approval. To find out more, please visit

  • Higher degree courses are typically offered in January and August semesters.

    For more information on the courses offered in the upcoming semester, please click here.