‘Burung Kenek-Kenek’ to help sustain the Malay Language

‘Burung Kenek-Kenek’ to help sustain the Malay Language

Saturday, 10 September 2011

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Berita Minggu

In the Berita Harian weekend edition, Berita Minggu, there was a report on the 10 Sept 2011 launch of the 4 books. All 4 books are by NIE’s Asian Languages and Cultures (ALC) Academic Group. Of the 4, 2 are children’s storybooks titled “Bunga Kasih Ibu” and “Burung Kenek-Kenek”. These are in English and Malay languages as well as in Jawi script.

The other 2 are aimed at providing additional Malay reference materials for older readers and for general readers, titled “Masuri S N: Sasterawan Melayu di Persada Dunia” and “Citra Murni Insan dalam Dunia Pendidikan: Sebuah Feskrip untuk Abbas Mohammad Shariff”.

The article also carried comments from Associate Professor Hadijah Bte Rahmat, Head of the Malay Language and Culture Division at NIE’s ALC Academic Group, who said that her team had taken 3 years to complete the project. She highlighted the importance of instilling interest, especially in the younger generation, in reading Malay-language books. It was reported that the books are available in the national library and at local book stores.

Source: Berita Minggu, sph