14th Request for Proposal for Education Research Fund Programme

14th Request for Proposal for Education Research Fund Programme

Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Office of Education Research (OER) is pleased to announce the 14th Request for Proposal (RFP). In this third tranche of funding, OER seeks to encourage research in Scaling, Translation and Knowledge Management that may facilitate the synthesis of research findings from projects in different disciplines, as well as develop scalable pedagogical interventions to enable systemic improvement in the education system with a focus on:

Special Focus on (I) Applied Learning; and (II)System Studies in Pedagogies & Educational Outcomes – CORE Research Programme

(I)  The first special focus area is on Applied LearningWe have moved into an era where the ability to use knowledge in practical settings is absolutely necessary – to solve non-routine problems, to innovate, to collaborate, to trouble-shoot, to manage risks and crises, to evaluate, to make decisions, among others. Thus, we must continue to create contexts in and out of our classrooms that facilitate applied learning.

(II) The special focus area on System Studies In Pedagogies & Educational Outcomes – CORE Research Program focuses on understanding what goes on and what works in Singapore’s classrooms – more specifically, the instructional core (City, Elmore, Fiarman & Teitel, 2009). It is of interest to the MOE and schools to gain a better understanding of what works in the instructional core in our classrooms and schools as a critical step in the next developmental stage of our education system.

For more information about the 14th RFP, please download document here.