Although often sick, he accepts openly

Although often sick, he accepts openly

Sunday, 15 September 2013

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Berita Minggu (Page 9)

Mr Mohd Saidali Ali,  Head of Department of the Malay Language at the Sembawang Primary School, was an active teenager and student.  Since the time he was about to complete his National Service, he had been falling sick.  His illnesses were namely measles, stroke on both sides, high fever, breathing difficulties, unstable blood syndrome, signs of lymphoma cancer, vertigo, pneumonia.  Currently, he is experiencing hair loss and painful joints especially in his knees and ankle.

With his conditions, he is grateful to his wife, Ms Dahalia Abbas (also a teacher and Head of Dept in Bedok West Primary School) and his principal, Mr Kiran Kumar Gosian for being understanding and flexible.

Despite being so sickly so often since his younger days, he graduated with a Diploma in Education from NIE in 1994, a recipient of the Mother Tongue Bursary from 2004 to 2006, and Masters in Education (Literature and Malay Language Linguistics) (Second upper class) in 2006.


Source: Berita Minggu (Page 9), sph