Asian Women Prefer Taller Men: Survey

Asian Women Prefer Taller Men: Survey

Wednesday, 09 November 2011

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Channel NewsAsia

A regional dating survey has found that most women in Asia prefer their men to be taller.

The study, which polled 1,895 people in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, also revealed that more singles are looking for love on the web.

One regional dating agency claims 80 per cent of its clientele make use of its web dating services.

In fact, online dating is now the second-most used method for Singaporean singles to find love.

About half of the respondents (49 per cent) have tried this medium, compared to 26 per cent two years ago. The trend is similar in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Some cite convenience as an advantage, with the accessibility of social media and mobile surfing.

But while communication has been revved up to new speeds, one researcher said love should not go on the fast lane.

Dr Angeline Khoo, Associate Professor of Psychological Studies at National Institute of Education (NIE), said: "People do tend to disclose more personal information when they are online than in real life.

"There is this sense of intimacy because you share your hobbies, music, movies, and where you have been to. But what you don't see is the character and that takes time to know somebody really well. So for beginners of online dating, that's something they should keep in mind."

The survey also revealed that Singaporean men are becoming more open to dating women taller than them. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for females - 70 per cent of female respondents said they would not date a shorter man.

"Sometimes when the guy is maybe just one or two centimetres shorter than what the girl is looking for, she would reject the match. I think the reason is women place a lot of emphasis on height. Height gives them a feeling... (of greater) security in the relationship," said Violet Lim, CEO & co-founder of Lunch Actually.

But there is hope for the vertically-challenged - the one quality that would instantly attract a woman to a man is apparently confidence and a strong character.

Men, on the other hand, rank good looks ahead of a kind heart, a sense of humour and poise.


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