Associate Professor Thomas Hatch Dialogues with OER Researchers

Associate Professor Thomas Hatch Dialogues with OER Researchers

Friday, 25 November 2016

On 1 November 2016, OER researchers met up with Associate Professor Thomas Hatch from Teachers College, Columbia University. Prof Thomas Hatch is also the Co-Director of the National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools, and Teaching. His research focuses on issues of capacity-building, accountability and school improvement at the school, district, and system levels. 

Present during the dialogue session from the Office of Education Research were Associate Dean (Education Research) Professor David Hung, Assistant Dean (Research Communications) Dr Dennis Kwek, Assistant Dean (School Partnerships) Dr Tan Liang See, Research Scientists Dr Yancy Toh, Dr Azilawati Bte Jamaludin and Dr Wong Hwei Ming, Research Fellow Dr Peter Seow, Research Assistant Ms Raveendaran Shamala, Deputy Admin Head Ms Wah Shih Fen and Project Manager Ms Eva Moo.  

Dr Toh and Dr Azilawati shared on Leadership for Diffusing Pedagogical Innovations, a programmatic proposal by Prof Hung, Dr Toh, Dr Azilawati, Dr Seow and Ms Moo. Their research questions were centered on transformational and distributed leadership for cluster improvement through diffusion of 21st CC-oriented innovations and leadership for networked learning.

Dr Tan and Dr Kwek presented on the Teachers Learning Professional Development programmatic proposal, a Singapore pedagogical inquiry research with the objective of creating an indigenous understanding of pedagogical inquiry in Singapore schools that are enabled by zonal network affordances.

Prof Hatch provided invaluable feedback towards each presentation, which resulted in an engaging and insightful dialogue among those present at the meeting.