Building Teacher Capacity for Action Research

Building Teacher Capacity for Action Research

Tuesday, 05 December 2017

As part of efforts to build up teachers’ capacity for research, OER Research Scientist Dr Lee Shu Shing conducted a series of Action Research (AR) workshops for a group of 25 teachers from First Toa Payoh Primary School.

This series of workshops was conducted from January to October 2017, and aims to help teachers improve their craft by equipping them with the skills and knowledge to research and refine their classroom practices as well as address problems in the classroom.

teacher capacity
Dr Lee addressing the teachers

At the final workshop held on 10th October, the school’s English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese and Physical Education teachers shared the respective intervention projects that they designed and implemented as a department using the skills and knowledge gained from these workshops.

Some of the classroom problems that these interventions sought to address include weak language skills, low scientific literacy levels, poor conceptual understanding of multiplication facts and rising obesity rates. 

PE teachers sharing their project

Chinese teachers presenting their project

Science teachers presenting their project

English teachers presenting their project

p6Mathematics teachers sharing their project

Overall, the teachers found Dr Lee’s AR workshops to be helpful in enabling them to devise and implement new strategies that could address problems in the classroom as well as enhance students’ learning.  

“Even if the strategy that we implement does not resolve the problem that students are facing, we need not be disheartened as it is all part and parcel of the learning process,” says teachers from the Science department.

Other teachers concurred, adding that the implementation of a new teaching strategy ultimately is a process of trial and error. “It is through the process of trying new methods that we refine our classroom practices,” adds teachers from the Mathematics department.

Group photo