Canadian International School Singapore’s visit to PESS AG

Canadian International School Singapore’s visit to PESS AG

Wednesday, 07 March 2018

The Canadian International School Singapore (CIS) students visited the PESS AG as a part of their learning journey to gain greater understanding on the field of sports and exercise science. The group included grade 11 students who currently have sports, exercise and health sciences as a subject in their International baccalaureate (IB) programme and grade 10 students with keen interest to take sports science in their IB Diploma programme.

The CIS visit was organized and conducted by Associate Professor Swarup Mukherjee and the students were provided with an interactive overview on fundamental and applied aspects of sports and exercise science, higher education opportunities and its potential as a promising career. The CIS students were also informed about the NTU’s Sports Science and Management programme, and exposed to the state-of-the-art laboratory, cardiovascular and strength training facilities and modern technologies like body composition analysis, tensiomyography, near infrared spectroscopy, force platforms, and gait and foot arch analysis to evaluate various structural and functional aspects of human performance.

We are thankful to the teamwork and efforts of the Human Bioenergetics and Biomechanics laboratory staff to make this a successful visit and add value to the experience of the young aspiring sports scientists from the CIS.


Feedback from Mr Michael Cantelon, IB DP Sports, Exercise and Health Sciences (SEHS) teacher at CIS Singapore

“Thanks very much for your wonderful presentations about Sports Science and fantastic learning opportunity for both the incoming SEHS students and the Grade 11's.  It was informative and helpful for the students' success, both academically and athletically. The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I am sure it helped the new students to feel confident in their recent IB Diploma Progamme class choices.  Especially the Grade 11s were buzzing about the trip and how it will help with their projects and assessments.”

Feedback from the CIS grade 10 and 11 students

"I enjoyed my experience at the PESS AG, National Institute of Education. I found it an exciting learning experience, being able to see first hand the technology used of professional athletes to measure their performance and health."

"Going to the NIE was a wonderful experience! I learned more about my body and the biomechanics of how it works. We looked at some of the machinery they had available that allowed me personally to learn more about my body and what to do to improve as an athlete."

"My experience at the Physical Education Sports Science department of the NIE was very educational and inspiring. I learned about all the different technology available today to aid in sports science research as well as all the different potential professions I could go into as a result of a sports science degree. For my IB diploma, this experience was very helpful in providing me with possible research topics for my Internal Assessment."

"It was a fun experience which has helped me gain great knowledge about sports science and the apparatus and machines used in measuring body composition, foot arch, etc. I have learnt about a muscle’s maximum capacity of stimulation. It was very interesting to find out the amount of effort and apparatus it takes behind an athlete's success. "