CEO of EDLeader 21 Visits NIE

CEO of EDLeader 21 Visits NIE

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

14Nov2016_KenKay From left to right: Associate Professor Ng Pak Tee, Professor Low Ee Ling, Mr Ken Kay, Associate Professor Shanti Divaharan

Mr Ken Kay is the Chief Executive Officer of EdLeader21, a professional learning community for US education leaders who are committed to 21st century education. Mr Kay visited NIE on 13 December 2016 and was hosted by Professor Low Ee Ling (Head, SPAQ), Associate Professor Ng Pak Tee (Head, PLS and Associate Dean, Leadership Learning) and Associate Professor Shanti Divaharan (LST). They discussed matters on problem-based learning; best practices in Singapore for critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity; and leadership in teaching, education and schools.

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