Cluster Networking and Engagement Session by Office of Education Research

Cluster Networking and Engagement Session by Office of Education Research

Thursday, 09 June 2016

Close to 40 principals, vice-principals and school leaders from the W3 cluster gathered at Xingnan Primary School for a Cluster Board Meeting (CBM) on 26 May 2016.

Dr Tan Liang See, Assistant Dean of School Partnerships at the Office of Education Research (OER) and her team led a session of sharing and networking with the W3 cluster members.

Liang See shared with the participants the objectives of School Partnerships, and emphasized the need to form mutually beneficial partnerships and strengthen collaborations so as to enhance education research impact in schools.

She hopes that through such sharing sessions, her team will be able to identify gaps in research that needs to be addressed.

Two OER research projects were also presented at the CBM. The first project was shared by Dr Kenneth Lim, Research Scientist from the Centre of Research in Pedagogy and Practice, on “Exploring an Inquiry-based Curriculum with an Open-source Mesh of Sensor Motes”.

The second project was by Assistant Professor Masato Kawabata from the Physical Education and Sport Sciences Academic Group of NIE, titled “Effects of School-based Intervention Programs in Promoting Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity during Leisure-time”.

Both researchers spoke about the purpose of their research and the aims they hoped to achieve.

The participants were then divided into groups and OER facilitators explored with them their schools’ possible research needs through a series of guiding questions.

Mr Lee Seng Hai, Cluster Superintendent of W3, expressed his appreciation for this network opportunity between the cluster and NIE.

“It is a win-win situation when schools work with NIE to harness educational research,” said Mr Lee. “NIE can tap on practice to improve theory, while schools can tap on theory to improve practice.”

“The theory-practice nexus is thus strengthened in the process,” he added.

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