Dr Fannie Khng Kiat Hui Gives Invited Talk at SMU

Dr Fannie Khng Kiat Hui Gives Invited Talk at SMU

Friday, 11 August 2017

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Dr Fannie Khng Kiat Hui, Research Scientist at Education and Cognitive Development Lab of OER, was invited to give a Capstone Seminar (a final year module) at Singapore Management University (SMU). The talk was delivered on 30 March 2017 titled “Applied cognitive psychology in education: Understanding problems; devising solutions”.

The audience comprised 34 undergraduates from the School of Social Sciences and School of Business at the Singapore Management University (SMU).

As the goal of the talk was to help students understand how psychology can be applied to real-world applications, she presented examples of how cognitive psychology is applied in her work to understand classroom problems and to devise solutions in education. For the former, she presented two of her research studies demonstrating how inhibitory mechanisms play a role in inhibiting learnt biases in problem solving tasks such as algebra word problem solving and logical deductive reasoning.

The second part of her talk focused on her research examining the effects, mechanisms and moderators of a deep breathing intervention for test anxiety. Findings showed that deep breathing before a test reduces state anxiety in test-like situations, creating a better state-of-mind by enhancing the regulation of adaptive-maladaptive thoughts during the test, allowing for better test performance. A current follow-up study involving the use of mobile neuroimaging technology in schools was also described.

The talk includes findings based on two OER research projects SUG 22/12 KKH and OER 08/15 KKH.