Dr Imelda Caleon Publishes a Paper in Educational Psychology

Dr Imelda Caleon Publishes a Paper in Educational Psychology

Thursday, 19 January 2017

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Dr Imelda Caleon, Research Scientist at the Centre for Research in Pedagogy & Practice (CRPP) of Office of Education Research, published a paper titled “Personal strengths and perceived teacher support as predictors of Singapore students’ academic risk status” in the online journal Educational Psychology, An International Journal of Experimental Educational Psychology. This paper was based on her OER research project “Turning Achievement Around: Predictors of Academic Resilience of Academically At-risk Students in Singapore”.

Her research shows that after controlling for the effects of students’ background variables, teacher trust emerged as the strongest and most stable negative predictor of a student’s high-risk status. This translates to the higher the teacher trust factor, the lower the likelihood of students becoming at high-risk academically, particularly in relation to English Language (EL).  

In addition, this paper also suggests that students’ perceived teacher alienation and teacher–student communication served as significant positive predictors of students’ placement in the high-risk group. This result seems to suggest that students’ greater openness in communicating their ideas and higher feelings of alienation from their teachers may predispose them to have lower achievement scores, and to be in the high-risk group. In other words, students at high risk of continued low achievement in EL were found to have a greater tendency to communicate their ideas and feelings with their teachers yet feel more alienated from their teachers.

This paper was co-written with Drs Ma. Glenda L. Wui, Chiam Ching Leen, Ronnel B. King, Jennifer Pei-Ling Tan and Tan Chee Soon.