Dr Kenneth Lim Invited by Seoul National University and UNESCO

Dr Kenneth Lim Invited by Seoul National University and UNESCO

Tuesday, 13 December 2016


Dr Kenneth Lim Yang Teck was invited by the Department of Science Education at Seoul National University (SNU) to conduct a seminar about open-source environmental sensors in Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics (STEM) education, entitled ‘Designing for STEM with Maker Motes: Citizen Science with Low-Cost Environmental Sensors’.

Conducted on 3rd November 2016 at the Faculty of Education at SNU, this seminar was organized as part of the department’s affiliation with the Brain Korea 21 Program for Leading Universities & Students (BK21 PLUS). This programme is an initiative by the Korean government to support new knowledge and skills based on creativity and to nurture the next generation of leaders in education and learning.

Unesco Final

Dr Lim was also invited by UNESCO to a symposium to discuss the future of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). This symposium is the first in a series which will address the challenges facing the area of ESD in relation to the changes taking place in the world. Held from 8 – 9 November 2016, the symposium took place in the Japanese town of Omori in Shimane prefecture.

Experts in related disciplines to ESD, such as behavioural psychologists, economists, engineers and political scientists as well as experts on sustainable development education were called upon to debate on the broad theme of education and sustainable development.

The ESD is an education reform initiative that attempts to make sure education across the world provides the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that are necessary for sustainable development locally and globally.