Dr Susan Bull Visits OER

Dr Susan Bull Visits OER

Monday, 05 June 2017

Dr Susan Bull, an honorary researcher at the Institute of Education, University College London, visited the Office of Education Research (OER) from 24 to 27 April 2017.

Dr Bull’s expertise lies in Open Learner Models – models that provide information about one’s knowledge and learning needs to facilitate the customization of educational environments for learners as well as enhance students’ learning.

During her visit, Dr Bull presented at two OER-organised seminars on Open Learner Models.  

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The first seminar, titled “Visualising Learning Data: From Big Data and Learning Analytics to Personalisation and Open Learner Models”, provided an overview on the types of learning data available and their relevance to students, educators and educational institutions. Dr Bull explained the differences between learning analytics dashboards and open learner models and highlighted that the information from the former is typically only accessible to teachers and schools whereas data from the latter is often also shown to students.

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The second seminar, titled “Open Learner Models: Purposes and Examples”, centered on the value of Open Learner Models and their implications for students’ learning and educational environments. Dr Bull shared on the benefits that Open Learner Models has brought to students, such as prompting them to reflect on their learning and thought processes and helping them to identify misconceptions. She also added that Open Learner Models ultimately serve to enrich students’ learning and facilitate improvements in educational environments.