Dr Teo Tang Wee Publishes Paper in Asia-Pacific Science Education

Dr Teo Tang Wee Publishes Paper in Asia-Pacific Science Education

Friday, 02 March 2018

Teo Tang Wee

Dr Teo Tang Wee, Assistant Professor at NIE’s Natural Sciences and Science Education Academic Group (NSSE AG), published a paper titled “Enabling classroom change by infusing cogen and coteaching in participatory action research in the journal of Asia-Pacific Science Education.

Co-authored with Mohamed Faizal Bin Badron and A/P Tan Aik Ling, the paper arose from OER project titled “Examining Normal Academic/Technical Students Science Learning from a Sociological and Cultural Lens”.

Participatory action research is the empowering approach used in this study and it centers on doing research with the participants. This paper presents the process and outcomes in engaging participants in cogenerative dialogue (cogen) and coteaching in participatory action research (PAR) to support science curriculum change in a Singapore lower track classroom.

Using this approach, researchers engaged the science teacher and selected students in two cogen sessions to identify issues with the science lessons. The students suggested solutions which were taken up and used to plan and design revised lessons co-taught by the science teacher and one researcher.

This paper describes changes to the teacher’s and researcher’s teaching, learning, and research experiences through the lens of cogen and PAR. The study illuminates the potentially transformative role of cogen, when coupled with action research, in Singapore and other classrooms.

NIE staff/students can access the journal for free through the LIBRIS portal at https://login.libproxy.nie.edu.sg/login