Dr Wang Li-Yi Publishes Paper in The Journal of Educational Research

Dr Wang Li-Yi Publishes Paper in The Journal of Educational Research

Sunday, 16 October 2016

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Dr Wang Li-Yi, Research Scientist at the Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice at OER, has published a paper in The Journal of Educational Research. The paper is based on an OER project titled “Teacher Efficacy in the Context of Teaching Low-achieving Students in Singapore” (OER 23/12 JW) with Dr Wang and Dr Li Jen-Yi as the Principal Investigators (PIs), and Dr Tan Liang See as co-PI.

The paper titled “A Qualitative Inquiry on Sources of Teacher Efficacy in Teaching Low-achieving Students” was co-written by Dr Wang, Dr Li, Dr Tan, Ms Irene Tan (from the Academy of Singapore Teachers) and Ms Natalie Lim. In the paper, the researchers looked at how a teacher's sense of efficacy is one of the few characteristics that reliably predict teacher practice and student outcomes. This is coupled with teacher efficacy being perceived as a situational-based, context specific conception rather than a global disposition.

The researchers studied teachers' beliefs in their capabilities to bring about learning in low-achieving students, with the intent of examining the potential and contextualized ways of enhancing teachers' sense of efficacy in teaching low-achieving students.

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