Education in the City – No exams! How does that change school assessments?

Education in the City – No exams! How does that change school assessments?

Thursday, 21 March 2019

The Office of Education Research (OER), in collaboration with the National Library Board, held its sixth Education in the City lecture on 8 March 2019.

An excellent reception from the public

The sixth installment of this series was themed on assessment, where speakers shared on the role of assessment in teaching and learning, what can be done to engage students in assessment and how children can benefit from recently announced changes to school-based assessments. This lecture attracted a large turnout of over 150 attendees.


Dr Karen Lam posing a question to the audience

The first speaker Dr Karen Lam, Master Specialist (Assessment Policy and Practice at the Ministry of Education), Curriculum Policy Office, Ministry of Education, presented on the development of school-based assessments in Singapore and the recent initiative to remove mid-year examinations for various school levels. She also played videos that showcase examples of school-based assessment and how students respond to them. 


Dr Tay Hui Yong presenting

The second speaker Dr Tay Hui Yong, Lecturer, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Academic Group, NIE, shared on how assessment can benefit students’ learning and advised that parents focus on the feedback provided by teachers rather than the grade achieved by their children for a test or exam.  


Dr Tay Hui Yong responding to a question

The lecture concluded with a Q&A session moderated by OER Research Scientist Dr Wong Hwei Ming. Some of the questions posed to the speakers include assessment practices in other countries, how students can keep track of their learning with fewer exams and the relationship between performance at high-stakes examinations and socioeconomic mobility.