Educational Practitioners from Korea Visits NIE

Educational Practitioners from Korea Visits NIE

Thursday, 25 August 2016

On 5 August 2016, educational practitioners from Korea visited NIE with the aim of engaging in an international exchange for an overview of the Gifted Education program in Singapore. The group of delegates comprised teachers, school commissioners and inspectors from the Korean Educational Development Institute.

The delegates received a warm welcome by Dr Letchmi Devi d/o Ponnusamy from the Early Childhood and Special Needs Education (ECSE) Academic Group at NIE. As part of the team for Professional Development for Gifted Education Teachers, she provided the background of NIE In-Service Courses and the Master of Education with specialization in Gifted Education to the delegates.

Keith Tan and Tan Liang See

Dr Tan Liang See and Mr Keith Tan, who is the lead researcher in Dr Tan Liang See's team, followed with a presentation entitled “Research on Gifted Education in Singapore” which focused on how Singapore nurtures talents and the policies related to talent development. 


Dr Quek Chwee Geok, Principal Specialist for Gifted Education in the Curriculum Planning and Development Division of Singapore's Ministry of Education (MOE), spoke on Singapore MOE’s programs for gifted and talented children which is in its 33
rd year of implementation.


A Korean representative from the National Research Center for Gifted and Talented Education rounded up the presentations with a sharing on Korea’s educational program and their expertise.

The visit concluded with an informal discussion of both countries’ experiences and expertise in the area of education and talent development.

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