eduLab Call for Proposal 2015 - IHL led Projects

eduLab Call for Proposal 2015 - IHL led Projects

Monday, 23 February 2015

eduLab Call for Proposal 2015 - IHL led Projects

eduLab is pleased to announce the 3rd and final eduLab Call for Proposal for IHL led projects.

About eduLab Programme

eduLab is an MOE-NIE initiative designed to surface and spread ground-up IDM-enriched pedagogical innovations. A key programme under the third Masterplan for ICT in Education (mp3), eduLab partners teachers in developing theoretically-informed IDM-enriched pedagogical innovations while ensuring that these innovations can potentially be adopted by different schools across the system.

eduLab is supported by eduLab@AST, a physical centre located at the Academy of Singapore Teachers, set up to showcase completed projects and provide opportunities for exchanging ideas and networking with leading researchers, industry experts and fellow educators.

About IHL led eduLab Projects

An Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) led eduLab project should involve 2 or more partner schools to be completed within a 2 to 3 year time frame. It must feature an IDM-enriched innovation which supports teaching and learning practices in the classroom and beyond with a view towards wide adoption in a sustainable manner as an end goal. Teachers involving in the project should play a key role in co-developing and testing the innovation, co-designing lesson packages and carrying out school-based research activities.

The project could be divided into 2 phases with Phase 1 being the Translation-Prototyping Phase and Phase 2 being the Scaling-Implementation Phase. Projects that are mature for Phase 2 directly will also be considered for funding. Each submission must provide plans for Phase 1 and Phase 2 where applicable.

Details of application process and proposal submission can be found on

Please submit expression of interest by 6 March 2015 (Friday)

The submission deadline is 30 April 2015 (Thursday) 

We look forward to your submission.

For enquiries, kindly email