ELL welcomes 3 visiting professors in September and October 2014.

ELL welcomes 3 visiting professors in September and October 2014.

Tuesday, 09 September 2014

ELL welcomes 3 visiting professors for the last quarter of the year. 

Simon Borg has been involved in ELT for over 25 years working as a teacher, teacher educator, lecturer, examiner, researcher and consultant in a range of international contexts. After 15 years in the School of Education at the University of Leeds, where he was a Professor of TESOL, he now works full-time as an ELT consultant (while remaining a Visiting Professor of TESOL at Leeds). He specializes in teacher education and development (including monitoring and evaluation), teacher research, and research methods training, and is regularly invited to speak about these issues at international conferences. He is recognized as a leading scholar in the study of language teachers and has published extensively (see http://simon-borg.co.uk/publications/). His most recent book is Teacher research in language teaching (Cambridge University Press, 2013), where he discusses what ‘research’ means to teachers and discusses how teacher research can become a more productive feature of teachers’ professional lives. Professor Borg will be here from 14 to 20 Sept 2014 and will be a guest lecturer for QCE 520 Language Teaching Approaches as well as holding a seminar titled, ‘Current Trends in the Study of Teacher Learning’ and a workshop for PGDE tutors, titled, ‘Beliefs and practices of Language Teacher 

Alastair Pennycook is Professor of Language Studies at University of Technology, Sydney. He has been involved in language education for over 30 years in France, Germany, Japan, China, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia. He is well known for his work on the global spread of English, particularly in his classic text, The Cultural politics of English as an International Language, (Longman, 1994). Also well-known is his work on critical approaches to language education and applied linguistics, outlined in Critical applied linguistics: A critical introduction (Lawrence Erlbaum, 2001). His most recent (2012) book is Language and mobility: Unexpected places which looks at the ways languages turn up in unexpected places. Other work in the last few years has focused on language, globalization and popular culture, as discussed in Global Englishes and transcultural flows (Routledge, 2007; winner of the British Association of Applied Linguistics Book Award in 2008), the edited book (with Samy Alim and Awad Ibrahim) Global Linguistic Flows: Hip hop cultures, youth identities, and the politics of language (Routledge, 2009) or the Local Noise web site. Professor Pennycook will here from 6 to 20 October, 2014 and will be giving guest lectures for two undergraduate courses and one graduate course as well as holding a seminar titled, ‘Market Lingos and Metrolingua francas’

Catherine Beavis is Professor of Education in the School of Education and Professional Studies in Griffith University. Her research expertise centres on the changing nature of text and the implications for literacy, education and schooling of young people’s engagement with digital culture and the online world. She researches in the areas of English curriculum, pedagogy and assessment; digital culture and computer games; digital literacy and new literacies and games-based learning. She has undertaken numerous research projects focused on English education, and on literacy, digital culture, young people and computer games. Her most recent co-edited books published, include Literacy Learning from Computer Games with Wakefield Press/The Australian Association for the Teaching of English and Literacy in 3D: A Multi-dimensional Framework for Rethinking Literacy Education with Australian Council for Educational Research, Melbourne. She is on the Editorial Board of eight journals: English Teaching: Practice and Critique (New Zealand), English in Australia, Changing English (UK), Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, Digital Culture and Education, Australian Educational Researcher, English Education (UK) and Literacy (UK). Professor  Beavis will be here from 12 to 25 October 2014 and will be a guest lecturer for a graduate course on Critical Literacy as well as hold a seminar titled , ‘Serious Play: Using digital games in school to promote literacy and learning in the twenty first century (2011-2014)’