Featured on Tamil Murasu 1 May 2017 (Technology Supports Learning)

Featured on Tamil Murasu 1 May 2017 (Technology Supports Learning)

Monday, 01 May 2017

Ravathi who is a Year 1 student in the four-year Bachelor of Arts (Tamil Language) degree programme in NIE found it a little challenging to be learning about Tamil language in depth. However, the support rendered by her teachers, reading of Tamil books and understanding of the lessons helped her to improve her proficiency in the language.

Ravathi’s passion in Tamil language since young drove her to choose the Bachelor of Arts (Tamil Language) in NIE. The dream of becoming a teacher further motivated her to choose this programme.

“I studied Business Administration in Singapore Polytechnic. I was planning to do my part time degree in Tamil in SIM and after which proceed to NIE to get my PGDE (Post Graduate Diploma in Education). However, I realised that there was an opportunity for me to pursue my degree full time in NIE. I knew I should seize this opportunity and I applied here” said Ravathi.

In her degree programme, she is learning about Sangam Literature (Classical Literature) and many other modules. Through these modules, she learns about the different aspects of the language which makes her feel proud to be born as an Indian.

“Incorporating technology in our lessons will help students hold their allegiance to their mother tongue langue” she added.



Tamil Murasu 1 May 2017 (Technology Supports Learning)