Featured in The Straits Times - "Singapore Students 'New-Media Savvy' "

Featured in The Straits Times - "Singapore Students 'New-Media Savvy' "

Thursday, 06 August 2015

Featured in The Straits Times - "Singapore Students

Associate Professor Victor Chen Der-Thanq was featured in The Straits Times on the 3 July 2015 edition, for his work on students’ new media literacy levels.

Titled “New Media Literacy of School Students in Singapore”, this project assessed the level of new media literacy of students in Singapore schools. This was conducted through looking at the critical aspect of the students’ new media literacy and how well resources were utilized when participating in new media activities.

Preliminary findings indicated the positive co-relation between exposure to new media and new media literacy. It was also found that new media literacy levels had the greatest improvement from Primary 4 – 6, before hitting a plateau in secondary school. Students from families with a higher socio-economic status based on housing types also fared better in new media literacy.

For more information on the project design and policy implications, please visit: http://www.nie.edu.sg/files/NIE_research_brief_14-003.pdf.

A/P Victor Chen was also featured in SingTeach, where he shared about social media as a teaching and learning tool. Read more here.