First Cluster Roadshow by Office of Education Research

First Cluster Roadshow by Office of Education Research

Friday, 06 February 2015

First Cluster Roadshow by Office of Education Research

To pave the way for more research collaborations between NIE and Singapore schools, the Office of Education (OER) embarked on its first Cluster Roadshow on 22 January 2015 at Catholic Junior College.

The objective was to initiate dialogue about learning and teaching needs with the audience, made up of 40 principals and vice-principals of schools in the S5 Cluster, and the Cluster Superintendent, Mr Ong Kong Hong.

OER wishes to work with the schools to identify their most pressing needs and find the right people and ways to partner them for research and development (R&D) work.

During the roadshow, Professor David Hung, Associate Dean of OER, and Mr Paul Chua, an OER Senior Teaching Fellow, introduced the research expertise available in NIE and explained how schools might benefit from research collaborations.

They also showcased four intervention projects implemented successfully in schools, such as use of the Critical Web Reader, an online tool that supports inquiry-based learning in Social Studies. 

The audience was positive about the roadshow and suggested some areas that researchers may want to explore. “We found the video about the intervention projects informative and it got my principals and vice-principals excited about taking up the opportunity to collaborate with NIE,” says Mr Ong.

Prof Hung and Paul are glad to see that schools are receptive to working with NIE. “We will follow up by identifying an educationally meaningful area of need and collaboratively work with the cluster,” says Prof Hung.