Get The Kids To Move It...Even Pre-schoolers Too

Get The Kids To Move It...Even Pre-schoolers Too

Sunday, 23 October 2011

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The Sunday Times

In The Sunday Times edition, there was an article that highlighted a study led by Professor John Wang, Head of Physical Education and Sports Sciences Academic Group, on the physical activity levels of schoolchildren in Singapore.  

It was reported that the study was of more than 3,000 Singaporean primary, secondary and junior college students. The article noted that the results showed that the proportion of children who spent an extended period of time on sedentary activities had doubled from five years ago. 

The article carried advice from Prof Wang for families to play a big part in cultivating active habits in children from as young as two or three years old. Prof Wang also commented that factors in encouraging children to increase their physical activities included enjoyment in physical education classes, and the belief that their sporting ability could improve. 

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Source: The Sunday Times, sph