Harvard’s Associate Director Dialogues with NIE Scholars

Harvard’s Associate Director Dialogues with NIE Scholars

Friday, 20 January 2017

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Dr Connie Chung engaging in dialogue with the NTU-NIE Teaching Scholars Programme students

Dr Connie Chung, Associate Director of the Global Education Innovation Initiative (GEII) at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, visited NIE on 20 Jan 2017. She engaged with the students from the NTU-NIE Teaching Scholars Programme (TSP)  in dialogue, which was student-led, chaired and moderated by a Year 3 TSP student. The topics for the conversation were:

  • Leadership in education: How to prepare educators as leaders in the classroom?
  • Competencies of a 21st Century educator: What competencies resonates with you?
  • Serving the community: What it means for an educator?

The conversation revolved around challenges of being an educator and teaching, world issues and how to create a healthy discourse amongst their future pupils, and sharing of their life stories and how they perceive themselves as educators. Dr Chung offered her stories and experiences as an educator and the Associate Director of GEII, advocating 21st century education and global citizenship. The session concluded with the TSP students taking away nuggets of wisdom, hoping to make their impact in their future roles as educators. Dr Chung also met with the NIE GEII team, Global Education Innovation (GEI) Lab, comprising Professor Tan Oon Seng (NIE Director), Professor Low Ee Ling (Head, SPAQ) and Associate Professor Ng Pak Tee (Associate Dean, Leadership Learning) to discuss future directions of the partnership.

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