In conversation with NIE Researchers – Insights, Inspiration, and Ideation

In conversation with NIE Researchers – Insights, Inspiration, and Ideation

Monday, 30 April 2018

The school partnerships team of the Office of Education Research(OER) co-organised two practitioner-researcher dialogue sessions with the East Zone Centre of Excellence for Research (EZ COE) on 11 and 18 April 2018 at Temasek Junior College.

This series of dialogue sessions aim to raise awareness about how educational research can enhance teaching and learning and inspire practitioner-researcher initiatives within and between schools. Participants included teachers from schools in the east zone.  

Each session began with a Gallery-Walk Presentation by NIE faculty, who showcased their research studies in the areas of professional learning communities (PLCs), information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education, youth purpose, social studies education and teacher-student relationships.  

Edmund Teo, research associate from NIE, briefs teachers with an opening address

The first session on 11 April involved Ast/P Hairon Salleh (Assistant Dean, Doctor in Education, Graduate Studies and Professional Learning) and Dr Tay Lee Yong (Teaching Fellow, OER).

Hairon Salleh
Ast/P Hairon Salleh speaks about Professional Learning Communities

Ast/P Salleh presented his study on the impact of PLCs on student learning outcomes and highlighted the need for consensus among teachers in a PLC to ensure that their common approaches benefit students.

Dr Tay spoke about the application of ICT in education and gave examples of how ICT can be used to enhance teaching and learning.

Tay Lee Yong
Dr Tay Lee Yong shares about his experience with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education

The second session on 18 April involved A/P Mary Anne Heng(Associate Dean, Higher Degrees and Strategic Partnerships, Graduate Studies and Professional Learning), Dr Kho Ee Moi (Senior Lecturer, Humanities and Social Studies Education Academic Group) and Dr Carol Tan (Lecturer, Early Childhood and Special Needs Education Academic Group).

A/P Mary Anne Heng shares research findings on youth life purpose study

A/P Heng presented her study on youth purpose and offered suggestions on what educators can do to help students find meaning and purpose in what they pursue.

Dr Kho Ee Moi speaks about Social Studies curriculum changes

Dr Kho spoke about the evolution of the primary school Social Studies curriculum and highlighted the need for more deliberate efforts in order for the subject to achieve its goal of developing critical thinking skills in students.

Dr Carol Tan shares about her observations on Positive Teacher Language

Finally, Dr Tan shared on a study that examines the impact of Positive Teacher Language on teacher-student relationships and at-risk students and provided tips on what teachers can do to improve engagement with their students. 

After the presentations, participants broke out into small discussion groups led by an NIE faculty, where they exchanged views on the research findings and their implications for the classroom.