Involve All Education Stakeholders

Involve All Education Stakeholders

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

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TODAY (Pg 22)

It was observed in the report "Teach less, learn more - have we achieved it?" (Aug 24) that teachers are more professional than before.

No doubt, the National Institute of Education has improved its training over the years, and teachers have better qualifications. As a corollary, the content for pupils has been streamlined and has gone from being more instructive to interactive.

I agree that pedagogy should evolve. Teachers now are expected to engage pupils more in learning activities, a far cry from my primary school days in the 1990s. Concomitantly, teachers' workloads have increased.

I am glad that our education policies are evolving to cater to a changing society and demographics, from rote learning to emphasising creativity.

In the midst of change, I hope that teachers would be heavily consulted in policymaking, for a ground perspective of classroom pedagogy. Policies have been tuned, with reduced curricula, to benefit pupils but not teachers as they have more on their plate.

Future education policies should reflect changes in society and involve all stakeholders.

Teachers could then better perform their roles, and pupils would receive the best from their mentors.

Source: TODAY (Pg 22), mediacorp