Launch of the Mathmodelling@SG website

Launch of the Mathmodelling@SG website

Monday, 04 September 2017

What makes everyday life or problems a teachable moment? Supported by a research grant from NIE, Associate Professor Ang Keng Cheng from the Mathematics and Mathematics Education academic group, together with two other researchers in his team, created a new online teaching resource centre that does just that. The online resource centre,, was launched at the National Junior College on 4 September 2017.

mathmodelling collage
Attended by more than 100 math teachers from primary and secondary schools and junior colleges, the launch activities included talks by NIE academics, Associate Professor Lee Ngan Hoe and Associate Professor Ang Keng Cheng; sharing of mathematical modelling experiences by teachers from several schools; and a panel discussion on the teaching of mathematical modelling.

Dubbed as “Mathematical Modelling@SG”, the resource centre is available online for teachers who want to use mathematical modelling as a pedagogical approach in the mathematics classroom. It is a culmination of research work conducted by Assoc Prof Ang in mathematics education and research. His specialisation is instrumental in putting together these resources that allows for applicable real-world problems to be studied using school mathematics.

The platform offers teachers the opportunity to learn and practice on how to teach their students to solve real-world problems by representing these in mathematical problems. From the theories to the practical, teachers can bring excitement into teaching math. Like being a forensic scientist investigating a crime scene with just shoe prints or footprints.

Mathmodelling@SG also offers information that better defines the three fundamental modelling Approaches –  namely, Deterministic, Empirical and Simulation – with a deeper insight to these, teachers could then draw from everyday examples and apply the appropriate approach to each for a lesson in math. The portal also features instructional videos, modelling examples and a platform where teachers will be able to share what they have applied and how successful these are.

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The next phase that Assoc Prof Ang and his team hopes to continue will be to look at the possible efficacies of the pedagogical approaches from teachers’ and students’ perspectives. With content updates on a monthly basis, the team aims to make this a thriving online community for the teaching fraternity at-large on how to make mathematics education relevant to their students’ lives. For enquiries, please write to: