Leaders in Education Programme 2008

Leaders in Education Programme 2008

Monday, 22 March 2010

By Jolene Tan, Public, International & Alumni Relations

From left, Mdm Janis Lee Ling Poh, Mdm Thian Ai Ling Mrs Chaillan Mui Tuan

40 senior educators received their Leaders in Education Programme (LEP) certificates on 10 October 2008 for successfully completing the six-month full-time executive programme conducted by NIE/NTU, Singapore. Gracing the occasion was Dr Ng Eng Hen, Minister for Education & Second Minister for Defence.

Participants of the LEP were specially selected by the Ministry of Education (MOE) for principalship. Joining the cohort this year were also four overseas participants from Brunei nominated by the Ministry of Education, Brunei.

The programme focuses on innovation and the creation of new knowledge, including an industrial attachment, seminars with international experts and an overseas learning experience. Through these experiences, the participants are able to reflect and realise how to lead their schools and bring them to new heights, giving teaching, learning and leading a whole new realm!

The three award winners were:

  • Mdm Thian Ai Ling
    Presented the Lee Kuan Yew Leaders in Education Programme Award for demonstrating the best overall performance in the LEP.
  • Mdm Janis Lee Ling Poh
    Presented the Academy of Principals Prize for Leadership Learning (Journal) for exemplifying the highest level of learning across the Leaders in Education Programme.
  • Mrs Chaillan Mui Tuan
    Presented the Dr Ruth Wong Gold Medal Award (Innovation) for exemplifying the highest performance in the innovation project in the LEP.

The valedictorian, Mdm Thian Ai Ling, shared that the LEP had been an enriching and memorable experience that allowed participants to engage in meaningful learning and reflections, expand their professional network and articulate, clarify their perspectives on various educational issues.