Lifetime Inspiring Teacher Awards for the First Time

Lifetime Inspiring Teacher Awards for the First Time

Sunday, 26 August 2012

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Tamil Murasu (Pg 2)

The report noted that three senior Tamil teachers would be receiving the inaugural lifetime achievement award this year. The award in its 10th year has been recognising inspiring Tamil teachers in the primary and secondary schools and the junior colleges.

It was noted that Dr Suba Thinnappan had worked in NIE’s Tamil Language department for 17 years before retiring and that he had taught Tamil to more than 500 non-Tamils. Mr M Thangaraasan started his career as a Tamil teacher in 1959 and has been instrumental in developing numerous Tamil Language teachers. He is also the author of 25 books. Mr P Kesavan has also written and produced a radio show on the Tamil Language and written a book which was recognised by the Tamil government in India as the best book in 2005.

It was noted that for the first time, former students and teachers were allowed to nominate suitable candidates for the award and that numerous teachers had nominated their peers. TM added that it had received more than 300 nominations for the ‘Lifetime Inspiring Teacher’ award.  

Source: Tamil Murasu (Pg 2), sph