LSL's presence at GCCCE 2013

LSL's presence at GCCCE 2013

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The annual Global Chinese Conference on Computers in Education (GCCCE) is an annual bilingual (Chinese and English) conference that has been held respectively in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore and the USA over the past 16 years. It has now been recognised as a major conference for researchers and educators in (but not restricted to) the Chinese communities.around the globe who are interested in InfoComm Technology (ICT) in Education. In this year, LSL is again going to make its presence felt in the 17th GCCCE to be held in Beijing.

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May 28 (Tuesday)

09:00-12:00  Workshops

Workshop 8: Sharing of the Experiences in Qualitative Research in ICT in Education
- Organisers: Fei-Ching Chen (National Central University, Taiwan), Mingfong Jan
- Workshop paper: “Game-based Learning as Goal-directed Participation: An Activity Theory Perspective” (Ek Ming Tan, Mingfong Jan, Shao Han Tan)
- Workshop paper: “The Ethnographic Contribution to Game-Based Learning: How Participant Observation and Thick Description Enhance Studies of Game-Based Learning” (Shao Han Tan, Mingfong Jan, Ek Ming Tan)
- Workshop paper: “Methodological Considerations for Conducting ICT Research Using a Design-based Research Approach” (Mingfong JAN, Ek Ming TAN, and Shao Han TAN)

Workshop 11: Rising above the current trends of mobile and ubiquitous learning
- Organisers: Lung-Hsiang Wong, Shengquan Yu (Beijing Normal University), Gwo-Jen Hwang (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology), Yanjie Song (Hong Kong Institute of Education)
- Workshop paper: “The enculturation strategies for the seamless language learning model of MyCLOUD” (Lung-Hsiang Wong, May Liu [Singapore Centre for Chinese Language], Guat Poh Aw [Asian Language & Culture Academic Group, NIE], Yanqiu Li, and Yancy Toh)

10:35-12:00  Teachers’ Forum
- Full paper: “Seamless language learning through contextual interactions” (Yanqiu Li, Lung-Hsiang Wong, Guan Hui Quek [Nan Chiau Primary School], Seow Kiat Chin [Nan Chiau Primary School], Kit Siong Lim [Nan Chiau Primary School])

May 29 (Wednesday)

13:30-15:15  Parallel Sessions
- Session C5-1 paper: “Investigating Temporal Interaction Patterns in Networked Collaborative Writing Classrooms” (Yun Wen, Wenli Chen [Learning Sciences & Technologies Academic Group, NIE], Chee-Kit Looi)

15:30-17:30  Parallel Sessions
- Session C2-1 paper: “Mobile technology-assisted personalized learning in science inquiry” (Chee-Kit Looi, Yanjie Song [Hong Kong Institute of Education], Lung-Hsiang Wong)  (nominated for Best Paper Award)

May 30 (Thursday)

08:30-10:15  Parallel Sessions
- Session 6-2 paper: “APPLETREE for Realizing Automated Assessment of Collaborative Argumentation” (Wenli Chen [Learning Sciences & Technologies Academic Group, NIE], Yun Wen, Wenting XieChee-Kit Looi)
- Session C1-2: Chair: Lung-Hsiang Wong
- Session C1-2 paper: “An Analysis of Medium Preference by L1 Learners for Doing Collaborative Writing” (Wenli Chen [Learning Sciences & Technologies Academic Group, NIE],Wenting Xie, Yun Wen, Chee-Kit Looi)

13:30-15:15  Parallel Sessions
- Session C2-4 paper: “Effects of learning styles on flexible grouping of the learners in a mobile-assisted Chinese character learning game” (Lung-Hsiang Wong, Ching-Kun Hsu [National Taiwan Normal University])

15:30-17:30  Parallel Sessions
- Session C1-3: Chair: Mingfong Jan

May 31 (Friday)

10:30-11:30  Panel on Bridging Research and Practice
- Chair: Chee-Kit Looi
- Panelist: Lung-Hsiang Wong (Singapore representative)

LSL’s presence in the Conference Organisation

Conference Chair: Chee-Kit Looi

Sub-conference C1: Learning Sciences, CSCL & AI in Education
- Program Committee (PC) members: Yancy Toh, Victor Chen, Lung-Hsiang Wong, Mingfong Jan

Sub-conference C2: Digital Classroom, Mobile and Ubiquitous Learning
- PC member: Mingfong Jan

Sub-conference C3: Joyful Learning and Society
- PC member: Mingfong Jan

Sub-conference C5: Technology-Enhanced Language Learning
- PC member: Yun Wen

Doctoral Student Consortium:
- Vice-chair: Yun Wen