LSL @ ICCE 2013

LSL @ ICCE 2013

Monday, 25 November 2013

The 21st International Conference on Computers in Education, ICCE 2013, is held between November 18 (Monday) and November 22 (Friday), 2013 in Bali, Indonesia.

ICCE 2013 is a meta-conference for researchers in the Asia-Pacific region to connect with international research communities for the worldwide dissemination and sharing of ideas for research in the field of Computers in Education.

The seven theme-based sub-conferences in the five-day conference is intended foster the building of research communities in the field of Computers in Education. Researchers, graduate students, policy makers and practitioners are welcomed to participate in the Conference to exchange research findings in the frontier areas of Computer in Education.

LSL’s presence in ICCE 2013:
(Members of LSL in bold)

18 November 2013 (Monday)

13:30-17:00  Workshop W11: Enacting Principle-Based Designs for Technology-Supported-Collaborative-Learning
Co-organizer: Chew Lee, John OW, Eddy LEE, Richard MESSINA, Martin CHAN, Wei Ling LIM

19 November 2013 (Tuesday)

09:00-12:30  Workshop W2: 4th International Workshop on “Technology-Transformed Learning: Going Beyond the One-to-One Model?”
Co-organizers: Lung-Hsiang WONG, Yanjie SONG, Ching-Kun HSU
Paper presented:
W02-01: Bridging the Past and the Future of the Research in Seamless Learning
Lung-Hsiang WONG

20 November 2013 (Wednesday)

11:30-12:30  International Program Committee Meeting
Facilitator: Lung-Hsiang WONG

11:30-12:30  Session 1-A (TPED-1)
#43F: Complex Interaction Between Technology, Pedagogy and Content Knowledge: Case Study in a Chinese Language Classroom 
Yancy TOHLung-Hsiang WONG, Ching Sing CHAI, Jenny Yen Lin LEE, Jessy Pui Shiong NG

14:30-15:40  Panel 1: “Ideating cross-pollination: A marriage in the making between technology-enhanced learning and the learning sciences”
Moderator: Lung-Hsiang WONG

21 November 2013 (Thursday)

11:30-12:30  Panel 3: “Designing for Student-Generated Designs (SGDs)”
Chair: Manu KAPUR
Panelists: Wenli CHEN, Manu KAPUR, Ronnel KING, John OW, Lung-Hsiang WONG

14:10-15:40  Community Building Session: CUMTEL (C4)
Facilitator: Lung-Hsiang WONG

22 November 2013 (Friday)

14:00-15:00  Session 8-F (ALT-6)
#225F: Empowering argumentation in the science classroom with a complex CSCL environment
Wenli CHEN, Chee-Kit LOOI, Wenting XIE, Yun WEN

Members of LSL involved in the International Program Committee (IPC)
Program Coordination Chair: Lung-Hsiang WONG
Sub-conference C2 (Computer-supported Collaborative Learning & Learning Sciences)
IPC member: Mingfong JAN
Sub-conference C5 (Digital Game and Digital Toy Enhanced Learning and Society)
IPC member: Mingfong JAN
Sub-conference C7 (Practice-Driven Research, Teacher Professional Development and Policy of ICT in Education)
IPC member: Yun WEN