MOE Buildathon 2017

MOE Buildathon 2017

Friday, 31 March 2017

Our Bachelor of Arts Year 4 students, Louise Peh Xue Min, Tay Yun Yi and Eng Ying Tian took part in the first-ever MOE Learning Buildathon in March 2017.

This event was organised by MOE in collaboration with GOVTECH Singapore to encourage educators and the Singapore community to rethink the design of learning resources such as games, simulations, apps and other interactive resources, and co-create new resources that promote the joy of learning in our students.

Our ALC students designed an e-exploratory game book which aims to motivate Chinese language readers to learn and acquire the language through play and exploration.  The vocabulary and sentence structure used in the story were in line with MOE syllabus.  Through explicit highlighting of certain vocabulary that were learned within the syllabus, readers are consciously reminded of what was learned in school. At the same time, repetitive appearance of the words and sentence structures also allows the readers to acquire the language unconsciously. 

 From more than 30 over participating teams, our ALC team were one of the top 10 teams that were shortlisted to showcase their products at the MOE ExCEL fest. 

They won the Merit Prize and brought pride to NIE and ALC.


Source: MOE Buildathon 2017