MOE unveils new PE and sports development framework

MOE unveils new PE and sports development framework

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

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From mass to specialised programmes, students have more chances to develop as coaches, national athletes

Singapore - The Education Ministry has introduced a new Physical Education (PE) and Sports Development framework that aims to provide more opportunities for students to develop their talent in schools.

There will be a more targeted approach towards the development of the subject, and a Physical Education and Sports Teacher Academy will be set up to build a strong cadre of PE and sports teachers.

Announcing this yesterday, Dr Ng Eng Hen, Minister for Education and Second Minister for Defence, said under the plan, there will be "Mass Participation Programmes" in schools to inculcate in students the knowledge, skills and attitudes for games and sports to help them lead a healthy lifestyle even after they leave school.

These include individual school programmes and the Sports Education Programme co-funded by MOE and the Singapore Sports Council.

At the next level, there will be "Specialised Sports Programmes" to develop sports advocates, leaders and organisers. They include sports co-curricular activities (CCAs), intra- and inter-school competitions, as well as zonal programmes organised by Centres of Excellence for the respective sports. 

Students who have benefited from these programmes would be encourage to take up positions such as teachers-in-charge of sports CCAs, PE teachers, coaches, sports administrators and lecturers.  

There will also be "Talent Development Programmes" to develop young sports talents and create a pipeline of national athletes. Currently, talented student athletes are selected for training in Junior Sports Academies, Youth Sports Academies and the Singapore Schools Sports Teams squads. 

Dr Ng said all three segments of the framework have one goal in common: To encourage all students to develop their potential to the fullest, promote a vibrant sports culture and develop sporting talent.  

Educators MediaCorp spoke to say the framework will serve as a map, to ensure that ministry objectives are aligned with what schools are doing.  

Dr Lee Kok Sonk, head of talent development from the ministry's Education Programmes Division, said: "For the schools themselves, they will be better able to allocate resources and manage resources in terms of the planning of the curriculum and the development of the students."



Source: Today, mediacorp