Moral and Tamil Poetry: A talk by Mr  Bharathi Krishnakumar

Moral and Tamil Poetry: A talk by Mr Bharathi Krishnakumar

Friday, 13 October 2017

ALC successfully organised a guest lecture on 11 September 2017. The speaker was none other the renowned orator Mr Bharathi Krishnakumar from Tamil Nadu, India. Mr Bharathi is a multi-faceted person. More than an orator, he is also a writer, documentary film producer and director, feature film director, human resources consultant, managing director “The Roots”.
Mr Bharathi Krishnakumar spoke on the topic “Moral and Tamil Poetry”. The session was attended by invited guests such as Dr Shanmugam,  SIM university Tamil Head,  Mr Muthiah, Retired Head for Curriculum Planning and Development Division, MOE and Mdm Thamizharasi, Master Teacher for Tamil Language along with staff and students of NIE Tamil Division.

The session was highly informative and at the same time thought provoking. Students were able to understand the rich cultural heritage of Tamil language and literature. Many were amazed to learn that ancient Tamil texts spoke of moral principles almost 2000 years ago. At a time where the world was just evolving, it was astonishing to realize that there was abundance of literature over a range of topics in Tamil. The various Tamil literary works mentioned, spurred the interests of our students. The references made from Ramayanam were especially remarkable.
After the lecture, students had an opportunity to interact with Mr Bharathi in a Question & Answer session. His explanation on how teachers can integrate the concept of moral righteousness into their profession was also outstanding. Overall, the attendees benefited very much from the talk. It was indeed a privilege to attend a session with such a distinguished guest.