Mothercare celebrates 30 years in Singapore with S$2 million education fund

Mothercare celebrates 30 years in Singapore with S$2 million education fund

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Issued by: Mothercare Singapore Ptd Ltd on 14 January 2015

Mothercare Singapore, a leading specialist retailer of quality childcare and maternity products, is celebrating its 30th anniversary in Singapore by pledging S$1,000,000 to encourage and recognise the efforts of NIE students dedicated to education research and teaching through The Tan Poey Quee Teaching Excellence Fund.

The Fund will be matched with an equal amount by the Singapore Government, bringing the total sum to S$2 million. Through the Fund, which will be administered by the National Institute of Education (NIE), of Nanyang Technological University, one scholarship, one student achievement award and three book prizes will given out to selected NIE students each year.

The Fund includes The Tan Poey Quee Doctor in Education (NIE-EdD) Scholarship of S$36,000, which is awarded to a doctoral student who shows high potential for good academic achievement and for contributions to education. The top graduating EdD student each year will also receive a S$1,000 Gold Medal Award, while the EdD student with the best dissertation will receive a S$500 book prize.

In addition, The Tan Poey Quee Practicum Book Prize Awards, worth up to S$500 each, for the Degree and Diploma programmes will be given to student teachers who excel during teaching practicum in schools.

NIE will assess all candidates and award the scholarships, gold medal awards and book prizes based on a set of selection criteria. The Fund was named after Mothercare Singapore chairman Mr Pang Kim Hin’s late mother, who had a deep passion for education and teacher professional development.

Speaking at Mothercare Singapore’s 30th anniversary dinner held at Marina Mandarin Hotel, Mr Pang said: “Having benefited from Singapore’s success and prosperity over the past 50 years, there’s no better way for Mothercare to give back to Singapore than to shape the future of our nation through an education fund.”

“The Tan Poey Quee Teaching Excellence Fund will go a long way to encourage educators and education leaders to go into research, while spurring talented student teachers to strive for excellence,” he added.

Professor Tan Oon Seng, Director, NIE, said: “The late Madam Tan Poey Quee’s passion for education is a further testament that education is a foundation to the success of every nation shared by many of our SG 50 pioneers who helped to forge a nation of independence. Through the Tan Poey Quee Teaching Excellence Fund, and one scholarship, one student achievement award and three book prizes will be launched to further instil the teaching spirit in our teacher preparation and professional development programmes at every level in NIE. We are deeply heartened by the generosity of the late Madam Tan and her family. Our congratulations to Mothercare Singapore on their 30th anniversary. It is an honour for NIE Singapore to be included on this momentous occasion that marks the beginning of a long-lasting relationship to foster greater learning aspirations and fresh education prospects together.”

Mothercare Singapore currently serves 30 million parents across Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, through the provision of quality child care and maternity products, from sleep pillows for pregnant mothers to baby sleep suits. This would not have been possible without the vision, commitment and dedication of its management and staff, and more importantly the support of its customers over the past 30 years.

By the third quarter this year, customers will be able to look forward to a new online store, where they can shop for quality Mothercare products from the comfort of their homes. “Through the store, we hope to cater to the busy lives of young parents who may not have time to visit the malls,” Mr Pang said.

In addition, Mothercare plans to expand its footprint in high growth countries such as Vietnam. “In existing markets such as Singapore, Mothercare will continue to invest in new stores in suburban malls such as Seletar Mall to serve young families,” Mr Pang added.

About Mothercare Singapore

Mothercare is one of the world’s biggest and most trusted retail specialists in newborn and parenting products. From its first Singapore store in CentrePoint in 1984, it has grown to serve 30 million customers through 35 stores across Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Today, Mothercare is known for quality, safety and innovation in its products and services for mothers, mothers-to-be, babies and young children. 

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