New Learning Facility at the NIE Campus

New Learning Facility at the NIE Campus

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

New Learning Facility at the NIE Campus

The Net Gen Learners’ Terrace (NGLT) embodies new learning modes, innovative use of spaces and the emerging popular technologies to support NIE’s teaching and learning framework. It adopts innovative way of synchronizing video capturing and conferencing such as multiple presenters and co-teaching to support blended learning, flipped classroom and virtual consultation pedagogy initiatives.


Let us take you through the various innovative features of the Net Gen Learners’ Terrace (NGLT).

The cameras at the front and back of the classroom are equipped with telepresence and video conferencing functions which allow remote industry experts or speakers to conduct lectures for our students (co-teaching) and virtual consultation with other partners. Lessons can also be recorded using these cameras.


Group based conference units are also installed at the sides of the classroom. These units facilitate video conferencing and group collaborations amongst students and external partners.


There are also four LED Display screens installed at the corners of the NGLT. These screens are equipped with wireless connectivity that allow users to project their work from their devices for collaborative sharing.They are also equipped with interactive whiteboard function to facilitate discussions.

The Net Gen Learners’ Terrace (NGLT) will be officially in use starting January 2017. With this new addition, new learning modes are supported digitally and learning and collaboration in NIE will be made simpler.